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    columns with rails, lose floor

    As my first blog stated, Suite
  2. sfo1ckh

    columns with rails, lose floor

    I am making a balcony on the second floor, I think I have figured it out, I had to use a invisible room and then put the columns and rails inside of it. This makes it very difficult to adjust as what looks square and straight on the plan does not reflect on the camera views. This program sucks!
  3. sfo1ckh

    columns with rails, lose floor

    Is there a way to create a covered balcony with Suite that the rail connects with the columns? When I create the room using rails, it then works as a room and creates a concrete floor, however, my house design is such as the columns and rail meet each other at the ends of each. When I put the columns inside the rails, it keeps the floor, once I shorten the rails it loses the room; I cannot have an invisible floor with the rails on top; anyother suggestions?