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  1. sfo1ckh

    Rope Lighting

    Is there a work around in Home Designer Architectural 2021 to create a rope lighting effect. I see that Pro might have this, but not in Designer?
  2. Please disregard as I have found the solution
  3. Well, thank you for your final findings of that I cannot do this in Architectural 2021, thought I was just plain stupid or ?? and glad I did not try to redo the entire front facade, as that took a lot of work to get to this stage. I am okay with what I have, it's good enough, but if there was a way, I would do it as I am now doing the fine detail work as I see it. I really appreciate all of the help you have given me in all of my problems; I do not plan to do this past this one project of rebuilding my fire loss home, so people like me, I think, just want a fast and simple answer. I have spent over 2,000 hours so far on Home Designer (slow learner), so it's not like I haven't done some homework, just sometimes it's "just tell me the answer". like you just did. 1_2_21 backup only.zip
  4. Also forgot to mention that using a wall does not work as I said before it goes all the way up to the roof and I have irregular openings between pillars that would make those cutouts impossible?
  5. I used an arch doorway (Tambour Arch); but that does not have the molding option that I need to give the look of the original house? I tried a wall with an arch doorway; but again that does not have any molding options; so I still do not understand what you or Solver is stating; I am sure that you are able to get the look since you did it, just everything you have me try does not work for me.. I would attached is my backup file; but this blog only allows 25 K and my file is over 100.
  6. You lead me to believe that I would have to upgrade to get this done, now you are saying to just use walls? I get that you want me to learn, but you could have just said that; because now with what I have already done, I am not going to delete all of the detail work that I did and rebuild the entire front with walls and doorways, I will just live with what I have.
  7. When I tried to use a wall, I could not get it work as far as the top of the wall would go up to the sky; tried half wall, no good....sofits worked for what I wanted up until now
  8. As you stated above, I tried wall and it would not work, so I did what you said and used sofits, now you are telling I should have used walls?
  9. Do I have to delete what I have for the archway already and build a new wall and then install the round door way? If so, I built the wall with sofits and the archway will not take in a sofit, it would require a complete rebuild of my entire entrance?
  10. I must be really dumb; but I could not find anything that would put a round arch trim like you were able to do: and yes I did delete the microwave. I went to moldings, doors and nothing would take because there is only a doorway, not a door? Where should I look?
  11. I am now working on the trim over the front door entrance. I have tried to find different arched mouldings but could not find anything that Designer Architectural 2021 has. I appreciate any ideas to try?
  12. Do you know why Lawb10 said it was on the wrong floor?
  13. Yes, found that, thought it was already clicked
  14. You stated that my terrain is on the wrong floor, where do I look to see where it is set to, where do I set the floor as I do not remember setting the floor? How do you know which floor is the "right" floor since you state it can be set to any floor? What will I gain from deleted the terrain and rebuilding to set it to the 1st floor? I just remember having days of working on the terrain just to get it to look normal and if I am not going to gain much, I can live with it as it is? Thanks for the advice