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  1. Thank you! That certainly looks a lot better from the outside - I've got the basic structure now. On the inside, odd things are happening with the rendering - screenshot attached. The ceiling of the dormer hangs into the room since I guess I specified the inner room a little big in this demo, but the section above it should be finished ceiling, and I'm not sure why the artefacts from the dormer roof are poking into the finished ceiling. Allan dormer.plan
  2. I'm trying to model dormer windows like those shown in the attached photos (internal and external photos shown). I've got the sloping roof with the ceiling height corrected (thanks for the help @solver!) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the dormers flush with the exterior walls (floating dormers on the other hand work really well!). I've attached a really simple box room with the angled ceiling that I want to put a flush dormer on (for lack of a better term). Thanks! Allan dormer.plan
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    1 3/4 story

    First up, I'm using Home Designer Pro 2019. I'm trying to draw up a 1 3/4 height house (I'm sure it has a technical term which I'm not aware of - apologies). Attached is a little paint mock up image of the second story end elevation - the wall is intersected by the plane of the roof, cutting it off about half way up. I'm guessing that this probably needs to be a knee wall, but if I select that option there isn't any option to set its height. Or perhaps I need to set the roof baseline, which I can't find an option for, or something else. I found the documentation for a 1 1/2 story house, but I can't see how to have 90deg walls for part of the height. **edit** This image shows more or less what I am trying to do: . Thanks, Allan