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    OK, my bad, Global Illumination was turned off for some reason in HD2020, so what I posted above is not a correct comparison. Here they are with what is actually PBR in both.
  2. LeftRightDesign


    I downloaded the trial version of HD2021 to see if the PBR was really better, and I think it's safe to say yes, it is. The first image below is PBR in HD2020, the second one is in the trial version of HD2021. No comparison, imho. Kept all the basic adjustments the same, except for the sunlight, which was mid-day in HD2020 and 600 lux in HD2021. (600 lux in HD2020 didn't produce the sunlight on the bench, so I thought it only fair to adjust to keep that.)
  3. Thanks, solver. Have rebooted after executing the above command and everything appears to be working normally.
  4. Good morning - In attempting to insert a 3DWarehouse object into HDPro 2020, I crashed the program several times in a row and triggered the FTH warning. I was, incidentally, also getting regular crashes when I would try to save a file. And by regular, I mean, daily, I have not found a solution to that problem that doesn't go over my technical head, but for the FTH problem, I have made my way in the Registry Editor to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH\State, where I see the program listed. I understand I am supposed to reset the value to 0, but when right-clicking on the
  5. That is what I meant when I said I turned all the display layers on. The screen shot shows everything turned on that is in the plan (as indicated w/ the red cross).
  6. Just as an FYI, here is a screen shot of the first floor (and there's literally nothing on the second floor but the exterior walls) w/ everything stripped out of it and all the display layers turned on. I do have a lot of saved cameras, but otherwise I don't see anything odd. File size for this plan is 114MB.
  7. Thanks for the replies, guys. I had already tried stripping out the bric-a-brac (which is how you spell it, btw) but that did not significantly reduce the file size. I did just copy the whole floor over to a new plan, and I was able to make the changes to the ceiling height w/o any problem there. I can use that file for the current purpose (trying to see how the crown molding will die around a corner and how far into the entry to carry a soffit, questions that the contractor asked me yesterday since he's about to build it), but I'm still unclear about how the file got that big, why it won't
  8. I have been trying to set a 112-1/4" ceiling height for the entry in one of my HD Pro 2018 plans. Default height for the 1st floor is 114-1/4", but whenever I change just the entry, all the other rooms change as well. Have read thru the Knowledge Base article on the subject ten times and cannot figure out why this is happening. I cannot attach the plan because it is too large (128MB, and max file size for an upload is 25MB). Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I had played with the casing, but didn't think to set the reveal to a negative number. That seems to have worked perfectly. Thank you!
  10. Visible in a camera view. I am trying to make the door have the exact dimensions of the door in the shop drawings to show my client exactly how this door will look in the room. The 2" jamb plus the 2" panel frame means 4" of material on the outside of the door, and I can only get 2" to show.
  11. I want 2" of the jamb to be visible w/in the 60" total frame width of the door.
  12. LeftRightDesign

    Door frame

    I am trying to create this door in HD Pro 2018, and I can't seem to figure out how to get that 2" frame around the door. Am I missing something obvious? I have the panel frames set to 2-11/16, but that still leaves me 2" off on each side, as well as on the top.