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  1. Yes, I tried rebuilding the terrain. Thanks for the signature tip - I added my version.
  2. I built my structure first and then added a terrain. I later decided to move a foundation wall out (adding more space to the basement) but the terrain did not move out with the wall. The terrain is entering the basement room. See attached photos. I know I could move the terrain out with a terrain break, but I didn't have to do that for the rest of the basement.
  3. I want to create beams along my custom ceiling plane along the lines I drew in the screenshot below. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
  4. What about custom items that I made and saved into my user catalog? Wish there was a way to just move everything all at once.
  5. I recently upgraded from HD Architectural to Pro. I had previously downloaded free and purchased library catalogs. Is there any easy way to move those catalogs into my HD Pro library?
  6. My mistake - I forgot to update my signature. I am actually using Home Designer Pro 2021 now!
  7. I built a room with multiple custom ceiling planes as shown. I would like for the flat planes (center and edges) to be a different material than the sloped planes. However when I use the spray can, it changes all the planes. Then I tried selecting individual ceiling planes and opening the dialog box to specify a material, however the Select Material button is grayed out and unavailable. Is there any way to change only one plane?
  8. Ah! I forgot about that option. Just tried that and it worked. Glad to have a simple solution. Thank you!
  9. I designed a home with a black metal seam roof. I changed the roof material defaults. However, the dormer roof remains a black shingle (the former default material) and I cannot figure out how to change this.