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  1. LawB10

    Porch Roof

    Raise the ceiling height for the room on left. Lower the pitch on the Porch, both front and side. Build a 2nd floor over the main house lower it, then gable the front wall.
  2. LawB10

    How to define room in an open floor plan

    Use the room divider tool.
  3. LawB10

    How do I adjust height of house to match my terrain?

    How about uploading pictures of the house, the front, rear and both sides, that way it can be seen how it is. It's really a guessing game right now.
  4. LawB10

    Built-In Refrigerator

    Keep in mind that you have to use a full height cabinet and it has to bigger than the refrigerator. Be aware of the two types, the Built in and the stand alone, Built in will place in the cabinet, stand alone will not.
  5. LawB10

    How do I adjust height of house to match my terrain?

    Use The Zip tool in Windows. Open Explorer, find the file, highlight it ,don't click on it, then click the Zip icon in the upper left corner.
  6. LawB10

    Dormer windows flush with exterior walls

    You do realize the Original post is 2 years old, If you would have followed the instructions solver gave in 2018, you would know that Suite can do what you wanted it to do, which is very easy to do in Suite.
  7. LawB10

    How to Get Rid of Extra Terrain Lines?

    Here's a modified version. There are to many elevation regions and unnecessary terrain features. To retain the Porch foundations, keep the walls in-place, turn off auto rebuild foundation then make the walls invisible. Base Design.plan
  8. LawB10

    Best way to simulate tree shadows?

    The mistake I made, was the software version. If it was noticed my sig line says Suite 2017
  9. LawB10

    Best way to simulate tree shadows?

    Open Preferences>Render
  10. LawB10

    Screened porch with railing

    Another way to do that is to use windows either fixed glass or single casement, change the glass to screen. Draw the rail away from the walls and check no room definition, then place the rail where you want it. Place the door at the size you want, then place the windows and rails.
  11. LawB10

    Pool Screen Enclosure

    In Suite, If you use walls, that will create a room, then make the walls glass and add windows. Next use room dividers to create the indoor pool, drop the floor to -60 or so , rename the room to bath and room type to pool. Change the walls and floor finish to tile, use the box shape, raise the height to 57" and change the material to water. If you use an object from 3d warehouse or the Bonus catalog, you don't need to use walls and room dividers, just use a Box shape, rectangle terrain feature and the water material.
  12. LawB10

    Backyard Storage Shed

    Very simple to do, just build the first floor to 7 or 8 ft. change the floor surface to plywood. Click Build > Floor> Build New floor change the ceiling height to 48" and set the wall pitches to what you want.
  13. LawB10

    Upgrade Suite to Architectural (worth it?) ?

    Why in the world are you building that way? First thing you do is click edit>default settings and set your defaults. Keep auto rebuild roofs/foundation on until the roof is how you want it, then turn them off. For porch ceilings check use soffit surface for ceiling. How about uploading the plan....
  14. LawB10

    Fill Style Fill Pattern not working

    Use the Material definition tool, click on the material to open it's specification box, then change the rotation angle. This is why you should learned how the software works before you upgrade. Upgrading has it's perks, but it does you know good if you don't know how to use the software.
  15. LawB10

    Change first floor to a new second floor?

    Could you post an image or picture of what you want to create...