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  1. LawB10


    Here's a modified version.... forest 1.plan
  2. LawB10

    simple shed roof

    Why are you manually doing that? What solver showed you is the easiest for that design. You are not going to get much of a shed with a 1" pitch. Start by turning on auto rebuild roofs, then build a 2nd floor, start with a 8" pitch, gable the side walls and high shed the front wall, click on the back wall and lower the pitch.
  3. LawB10

    High Ceilings

    I think it would help more if you upload the plan itself, not a copy of it. If it's to big, you make zip file to make it smaller and then upload the plan. To get the 24" walls, you click on each wall and change the thickness to 24" it thickens inward. The second floor walls will align to the outer edge not the inner edge. Also name the rooms what they going to be. I built the plan based on the uploaded picture, I have no idea what the roof looks like or what the rooms are. Unless you have mastered manual roof building, DO NOT turn off auto roofing building, until you are satisfied with the roof.
  4. LawB10

    Vaulted Ceiling in Living Room attached to kitchen

    First, Delete the first floor so that 2nd floor becomes the 1st floor and the third floor becomes the second floor. For the Living room gable, use the break wall tool, make a 12" or so break and ungable that little piece and lower the pitch.
  5. LawB10

    High Ceilings

    Looking at the picture it seems like you make the 1st floor walls 24" and ceiling height 16' then lower the second floor ceiling height to 7' and make the second floor "Open Below" with no ceiling.
  6. LawB10

    two stories with roof starting at first story

    That's easy do this!!!! Change the 2nd floor ceiling height to 0" (F), change the railing to a wall, use the break wall tool and change that little piece to siding with a 14" pitch. Delete the 2nd floor invisible wall and all other unneeded walls, Gable the 1st floor wall and move it to the left. Lower the other room to 84" or lower, then turn off auto rebuild roofs and reset the ceiling heights. Use the full camera to see how it looks.
  7. LawB10

    Problem with Floor defaults

    Keep in mind, what can be done in the real world, can or cannot be done with software. The walls on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors need to be the same thickness and same type, you can change the material later. If not, you will have wall alignment problems, the foundation walls are 17 1/2" 1st floor 13 1/2", 2nd floor 9 3/4" and the 3rd floor 6" those walls should be the same thickness. For the 1st floor default, the floor absolute elevation should be 0 you have it at -1 1/2. Uncheck " floor supplied by foundation room" and check "floor under this room". The defaults for the foundation are Walls with footings and a height of 37 1/2" which should make the ceiling height 30 or so inches. It's ceiling height is 2 1/2", for that to be a finished basement, the ceiling height will have to be higher. Turn auto rebuild roofs on, uncheck "ignore the 3rd floor" and set the ceiling height to 48" and on the 2nd floor set it between 48 and 84 " Once the roof is how you want to be, turn off auto rebuild roofs and reset the the ceiling heights to their defaults. The rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor that are open below, the whole room don't have to be open below, once you build the stairs and click the auto stairwell tool, it will create a room that's open below, you can use the space that's left over for something else.
  8. LawB10

    Move Floor From Level 1 to Level 0

    Start over... Go to default settings>foundations, click "Walls with Footings", keep or change wall thickness, change wall height to to the height you want. You know have a basement. Click on the terrain perimeter and uncheck automatic and flatten pad, use the elevation region tool and draw 2 regions one for the front and one for the back keep one at 0 and lower the other one to -90 or something.
  9. LawB10

    gable over alcove

    If the porch is already created, then use the break wall tool for that section. Break the wall in two places or extend the porch walls out to create a room.
  10. LawB10

    Missing Wall

    You will have to start from scratch,and build the plan correctly. You have the foundation default, set to walls with footings, yet all the rooms had monolithic slab checked. Do not check that, check floor under this room, the software builds one type of foundation. The first floor ceiling heights were not the same, set them to the default height you want and lower the family room floor only. There were unneeded walls, move the stairs wall back to the 2nd step, it hides it, uncheck " No room definition" for the Guest room, use interior walls for the interior and exterior walls for the exterior, the entry room has a invisible wall ???. Do not use "Extend the slope downward" that is for rooms that bump out. Make sure your walls are aligned. Turn on auto rebuild roofs, let the software do the work for you. On the 2nd floor set default ceiling heights and then lower them to 84". Leave the floor/ceiling structures alone, unless it calls for a change, changing them affects the ceiling and how the roof is built. The question I have is what is the roof suppose look like.....
  11. LawB10

    Front Porch under Gable Roof

    Here you go..... Untitled .plan
  12. LawB10

    Gable over front door on porch

    You will have to use the break wall tool in 4 places on the front rail and then select the rails that are closest the Gable and set the pitch to 4. You will have to raise the ceiling height for the Porch.
  13. LawB10

    New User - Roof / Ceiling Detail

    Upload the plan please...
  14. LawB10

    Easiest way to edit existing library model

    download the Kohler Catalog, it has all kinds of sinks.
  15. LawB10

    roof over porch but under big gable

    Build a 2nd floor and lower the ceiling height....