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  1. LawB10's post in Turning off verticle/horizontal lines that follow cursor was marked as the answer   
    Go to Preferences>general>edit and uncheck synchronize with cursor.
  2. LawB10's post in ceiling and wall issues was marked as the answer   
    Here you go...
    10 9 16-1.plan
    Renamed the 1st floor stair room from garage to open below.
    Redrew the Front porch.
    Covered the brick wall(s) in the living room with wedges and a box shape
    Corrected the bifold doors..
    Removed the shelfs and resized the cabinet overhang(s)..
    For some reason Suite adds 12" to the lower floor when you use open below.. 
  3. LawB10's post in Funky roof peak was marked as the answer   
    Uncheck the upper pitch.
    Use 2 cabinets or 1 long one and resize to about 3" or so and then resize the overhang to 6" or so. The shelves are not needed for
    that configuration.
  4. LawB10's post in Question about 3D Library was marked as the answer   
    The latest version has all files of the older versions plus some, the older files are for the older versions of the software.
    For 2017, the version is X8 that's the one you download. No need to download the others, you will have duplicate materials, objects and fixtures if you do.
  5. LawB10's post in Frameless Mirrors was marked as the answer   
    Here's something you can try,   use a soffit or box shape, resize it and apply the mirror material to it.
  6. LawB10's post in HD ARCH 17 UPDATE was marked as the answer   
    Go to Preference> on Render
  7. LawB10's post in How to change the color of wall lines in plan view was marked as the answer   
    Click Build.Wall>hatch and then click on the wall(s) you want to change click the wall(s) again and specification box will open, change the fill pattern to solid.
    Choose you color. 

  8. LawB10's post in Attached carport with skill ion or flat roof was marked as the answer   
    Go to the Library and take a peek at Exteriors>Structures
    If that's not what you want try this:  Lower the ceiling height for the Carport, click each wall (3) and lower the pitch to 1/4"

  9. LawB10's post in How to create a roof over a deck? was marked as the answer   
    Here"s the fix
  10. LawB10's post in My HD Pro 2016 software has just arrived! was marked as the answer   
    no need to copy, just open the new version, click file>open plan...
    The software will ask "do you want to associate the file with this version" or words to that effect.
    You will have to copy your user catalog to the new version.