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There are some basic recangular mirror objects in the Library Browser (some with frames, some without).

If you don't see a reflection, then check out KB-00858: Showing Mirror Reflections


If you need a custom shape, you might want to see if any of the ones from this bonus catalog that you can purchase for $2.99 will suit your needs.

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Hi guys


Sorry for the very delayed response :-/ been a little hectic the past few weeks with work etc.


Thank you for your response, I searched the catalogue and found the mirrors easy enough, but they all had frames, apart from one, which was just named "mirror", but when I go to apply it, it is an effect (converts the whole wall), not an actual object. Unless I just need to have another look.


I had a bit of a look on Knowledge base but could't see anything that stood out. I will have to have a closer look at that also.


Thanks again for the help.


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