How to create a roof over a deck?


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How can I add this section of roof to a plan?




I have tried everything in the book - so to speak. I was able to sort out the wall sections to make a shed roof - surprisingly, I may add. :D But, I can't get the section of roof to generate over the deck. 



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David gave you directions -- follow them  :)


That didn't work. 


I did, however, get the roof built. I found the option in specifications. Just overlooked it previously.  Now, the only issue I have is how to raise the height of this roof?




Can either of you tell me how to adjust the height of this particular roof? I have the angle where I want it, I believe. 

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Here"s the fix


Thanks, LawB10. I learn a lot faster once I have something to go by, so I can see where my errors were.


This helped me very much.

Roofs are controlled by the walls (overhang, pitch etc) and ceilings (height) below them.


To raise the roof, raise the ceiling.

You didn't say that before, though. You said just go by what someone else posted. In this case, Mr. Potter. That did not work for me, for whatever reason(s). I had to go about it another way, but still was unable to get the roof to show properly.

While you "seasoned" folks using these various programs can build floor plans in your sleep, us newbies may have a bit of trouble at first. It may take some of us - it certainly does me, a bit to catch on to these various settings and sort. So, please try to be patient with us, me for sure, if you can.

Granted, I do spend a fair amount of time with this program. I am just trying to design and build something, even if it is only a small home for my loved one, so she will have a place to live and not have to depend on anyone, after I am gone.

Thank you all, for your input.

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