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    High Ceilings

    Thank you.
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    High Ceilings

    Thanks! I had NO idea that you would make a video and spend 35 minutes doing it. Thanks for spending the time. I only sent part of the house so I could work on the areas that I needed. I didn't realize it was going to be so confusing. The house is 5,000 sqft. The room you are working on is about 20ft x 40ft. There are soffits over by the cabinets and it is completely open on one wall where you see the invisible wall. There is also a barrel wall ceiling next to the invisible wall. I appreciate all of your efforts and will continue to work on it myself.
  3. EMSP67

    High Ceilings

    I Eric. I just went to your page and found a picture of a house in your album that you made that is similar to the problem I am having. The picture is labeled P 2 B RT 23. The plan attached has 3 separate rooms that need the same ceiling. The one that I am struggling with is the large room in the center because all of the walls on the upper wall have windows and stick out past the roof below exactly like your picture in your album. Also, 3 of the walls are inside walls and 1 is an outside wall leading to the porchWhen I try to make a second floor it takes into consideration the entire floor plan. Please let me know what to do. P 2 B RT 23 FROM THE ALBUM: Solver (32 images) My_Home_Copy.plan
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    High Ceilings

    Thanks. I did the open room below part and it worked to see through to the first floor. How do I make my walls on the first floor 24" thick when they are only 4" on the inside and 10" on the outside where the porch is? Also, when I went to draw a second floor it does the entire floor plan instead of just the room. How do I solve that problem? There are only 3 areas where the ceilings are 23' high. The rest of the ceilings have an attic above them.
  5. EMSP67

    High Ceilings

    I have home designer pro 2019. In this floor plan there are three areas that need a higher ceiling. In these areas the first floor walls are 16' and the floor above is 7'. So the ceiling in each area is 23'. The walls above the first floor have a 24" ledge around the entire area. So looking down on the area you would see a wall on the outside that connects the inside wall with a small 24" ledge and then an opening that leads to the first floor, floor. I am only able to send pictures bc my file is too big. This is the actual room and I cannot make the walls above that are connected to the ceiling to work
  6. I have HomeDesignerPro and I am having trouble converting my custom tile to a herringbone pattern to use as shower walls. I imported the tile I would like to use, went into materials list and chose the herringbone pattern from the library and nothing happens. I created a custom backsplash in the kitchen that worked out fine. Although it is not in a herringbone pattern, it was not as difficult to figure out as the herringbone pattern is. The tutorials I looked up on the website are for different versions and don't apply to the version I am using. Thank you