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  1. Well, the house design is in Sketchup. When I import the scp file, I get that single object, including the house itself, elevation, etc. All I want from HD is to be able to landscape that design. Because the scp file has all the elevation data and is viewable in 3D in HD, I wanted to just add plants and stones, etc. Not start over with designing the house. I'm guessing you can't place objects on that surface?
  2. I have imported the full terrain and house plan (sketchup format) from my architect. It renders just fine in both 2D and 3D, showing the actual terrain (a sloping lot). What I'd like to do is use HD Suite to create a landscape plan, but I am not able to figure out how to put plants/walls/walks *on* top of the ground. Everything just appears on a plane at the bottom of the rendering. I've messed around with elevation references, but just can't figure out what is the right choice to get a tree or boulder or whatever to appear at the correct elevation. I've attached a 3D rendering illustrating what I mean. The correct trees were place by architect, mine are those at bottom. Any suggestion on how that should work, or a better way to accomplish this task would be appreciated. LANDSCAPE2.plan