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    Different Roof Pitches for Tiny Home

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    Different Roof Pitches for Tiny Home

    Thank you for the help so far. I agree David, it can be frustrating when trying to work with a single wall with the same ceiling height. Solver, I have created two different rooms and changed the ceiling heights, and it kind of worked. It now has two pitches in the back room. Can you identify the problem? Here are pictures of the roof and the different heights/pitches in the rooms. ------ Using Home Designer Pro 2018 On 2015 MacBoo Pro
  3. Joshjmitchell1

    Different Roof Pitches for Tiny Home

    Howdy Chief Architect community, I am relatively new to the Home Design Pro software, and my wife and I are using it to layout our future tiny home. I am attempting to create a roof over a loft with a smaller pitch than the rest of the house in order to give it more room. However, I have not been able to split the roof into separate sections to do this. Either the auto roof will always have the same pitch for the entire roof, or the roofing planes will not connect when I draw them myself. I have attached a picture of what I am attempting and a few picture of my design. I know there is an article that describes multiple shed roofs, but I have not been able to adapt this to my design. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Peace and Joy, Joshua