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  1. Thanks, I think I got it working about as well as I can. Final product isn't great but it works. LawB10, in the OP are two attachments with the blue prints with elevations and the project file. Thanks, Mike
  2. Awesome guys! Thanks for the help. I apologize for not getting back sooner. My computer took an unexpected dive! I did play with Parapet instructions but the uniqueness of the two levels was getting me. I don't think I constructed the supporting walls right. I like the ideas Eric but I don't think that's the route we are going. There are some specific reasons for the two planes and the flat roofs. We are looking for a strong Solar option that can be low profile. Also trying to keep clean lines without too many elevation changes which d rive up cost. I like how you've got it loo
  3. Hi all, So we've come a long way in our house design and our architect has been great. We've got a great set of prints but he's a little older school and doesn't have the 3d modeling yet. I transposed the drawings into Home Designer Suite 2015 but have been foiled trying to get the roof right. I've studied the threads and keep getting stuck. I removed the porch pillars because they weren't coming out right either. We are also eliminating the adobe slump accents in the house due to cost. I have a two level parapet system with a flat roof that I'd like to model appropriately so I ca
  4. I might have gotten it. Screws up the inside but at least it is clear on the outside.... doubled the walls, made it a balcony, and put the balusters at 24" Thanks to all!
  5. That's close. Let me try your technique. I think the balcony idea might work. I'll play with it and let you know.
  6. Kbird1, Here's the latest file. I don't like the auto roofs. No fun at all! I have played around with the walls a lot. Basically the tutorials work if I have a quadrangle. Floor Plan 2 Flat Roof Garage Master.plan
  7. Here's what I've gotten to thus far (See Attached) Thanks for the guidence on the interior heights. That was kicking my butt before. For some reason I'm ketting a little flair up on the edge. I've tried to adjust the over hang and where the walls sit on the 2nd floor but to no avail. Thoughts?
  8. Correction, I see that KBird 1 was just reitterating what Solver said about the walls. I'll look into that.
  9. Solver, That looks very very close. Is there a way you can send the file back and I can open it? Or should I just copy what you suggested and make the walls even height and then make the Walls around the garage / master a second floor with short walls? KBird1, What do you mean about the default height on the doors? I did make the french door on the top side taller since that is the direction of a nice mountain view. Thanks,
  10. I am getting stuck with the Home Designer Suite 2015. I'd like to put a Gable Roof over my main living space at 4 or 6:12 pitch with the possibility for dormers on the top side. I'd like to put a flat roof on the Master Suite and the Garage. The catch with this is that there needs to be a parapet around the edge (classic SW "Santa Fe" style) I can't even get this program to build me a nice Gable roof over my main living space let alone beat it out of it's head that the rest should be flat and I haven't even seen an option for Parapets. Has anyone solved this problem before?