No options for front cabinet specifications


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Hi All,


New to HD 2018.

I want cabinets to have a partial overlay.

In Wall Cabinet Specifications, I never get any options for Front.

I never get the Box Construction/ Door/Drawer Overlay sections which is displayed in support examples.


Using HD 2018


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After talking to Tech Support, front faces are NOT a feature of HD Interiors.

So how do you determine if missing feature or you just can't find it?

  • Top of videos have icons of product that support feature.
  • Top of articles have icons of product.
  • Help in your version of the app. It will only have instructions for features in your version.
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I am not sure what YOU mean when you use the term "Front Faces" relative to cabinets but I opened my copy of HD Interiors to have a look and found that I could easily select differing cabinet door and drawer styles from the library browser by way of "Edit-Default Settings-Cabinets-Door or drawer tab of the Cabinet Specification Dialog" Just like any other Home Designer software title.


What are you then talking about sir? I do not care what Tech Support said, perhaps they did not understand your exact question.



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