Exterior wall troubles for Porch and Roof


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I have been using Home Designer Pro for a little less than a month. Experience with SketchUp Pro (4 months) and Autodesk MAYA (5 years).


I am trying to create a porch on the front of my house. I have constructed my walls based on the CAD given to me. Some of the interior walls seem to be impacting the exterior walls and roofs in a way that is making it impossible to create the porch roof the way that I want. I am wondering what I am doing wrong and if anyone has any suggestions for me.


https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/10138/home-designer-quick-start.html?playlist=200 is the tutorial I was using to attempt to create the Porch (1:01:35 mark). When I attempt to create the porch this way it creates some very strange geometry for me on the second floor. The main issue is in the right corner of the would be porch.


Please help! Thank you!






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Thank you for all of your responses! I am using Home Designer Professional 2018.


Attached are images of me attempting to build the porch. The first image shows what happens when I create a deck with straight deck railing and then convert into porch. It creates a very strange roof like structure will walls that I don't want. I also don't want the railing, I want columns, but when I turn the railing off it turns them into walls. Again this was all based on the tutorial I was watching.


Then I manually create my own roof and I still have issues with the corner right corner. I think it has something to do with the interior and exterior walls creating an empty space? I also unsure how to manually create a gable roof on the part of the roof over the door. I tried the break wall tool, but that did work, and I also tried the Gable/Roof Line.


Thanks again for all of your suggestions and help.




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