Shed Roof Flat Roof combo not working


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I am trialing Home Designer Suite 2017 for a home remodel.  Need to show my wife some different plans and ideas for working out the plan.


I need to be sure I can make a Shed Roof / Flat Roof combo before I purchase the software.  Too many times I've bought software that did not work as advertised.  I know they have the 30 day return guarantee but many times that hasn't worked for me either.  I'm a IT Manager so very familiar with software and reading the manual.  


I've read the instructions on breaking walls and reviewed many threads, including the one below with it's matching Youtube video but nothing works as shown.


When i make a basic box for the bottom half of the structure, the 19 x 36 I can make the Shed Roof work as expected.  But when i add the walls to make the utility room and carport, it messes up the shed roof, even though they are set to a pitch of 1/16 in.


When I built the walls for the entire structure, made the Shed roof for the bottom half, broke walls and made the top flat roof,  for the 27 x 26 area, the flat roof worked but the shed roof went flat and had a downward slope on the left side for some reason.


Then i had the idea to make the bottom half one structure, break the top right wall and make most of it invisible which would allow the entire wall to be full gable, but as you can see from attached perspective, now the walls for the top half try to meet the shed roof and the flat roof is missing.


I've attached the floor plan that i wrote over with MS Paint, since i cannot save files in the trial.


I've attached the two perspective screen shots so you can see what is happening and maybe give some pointers on what I am doing wrong.


thread used to try to make mine work:


Any help is much appreciated...


David D Potter





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The video you are referring to was done in Chief Architect Premier and can be done with Home Designer Pro but NOT Home Designer Suite. Whether or not your job can or cannot be done in Suite is open to question (I do not fully understand just from your post exactly what you want to do). It does not sound complex but in order for us to help you Eric and I must completely understand your intentions to determine whether or not what you want to do can be done in Suite.



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Some roof trickery involved.

Create invisible rooms as shown (shaded yellow areas), and set them as 'no roof over this room'.

By separating the flat roof from the high shed roof, they should now build correctly.   The roof overhang extensions will cover any roof gaps.


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Eric and David, sorry, I thought the pics I uploaded would provide enough information.  In a nutshell, the shed roof was being created but the walls were not going all the way to the roof, even set as Full Gable Walls.


David, I will watch your video shortly....thanks for that.  i would love to have the Pro version but my wife would shoot me for spending that much on software for a house we are remodeling.  If i was a full time designer, then that would be no problem.


Jo_Ann...thanks so much...I think you nailed it.  I will have to test it.  I was trying the same idea, but using invisible walls so i could create a room type, instead of making invisible rooms.  But i get where you are going with that.


LawB10...thanks for the plan.  I moved the High Gable to the East wall and made the north and south full gables and it's working as I need it.   Getting some weird angles off the east edge of carport roof, but i'm sure i can fix that.


Thanks everyone for your help.  Now I have backup to go and pay for the Suite version.

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