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In the plan view of my design I want to show a wall that will be removed durning construction. How do I show this? The Chief Architect version has an invisible wall tool but I don't see one in my HD Pro version.

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There are several ways to show walls to be demolished in Pro and identically in Chief Premier (same exact tools).

1. I commonly use two plan files for remodel projects: a. "As Built" and b. Remodeling plan file."
2. Using two plan files I first draw the "As Built" , making it as complete as is possible for the job at hand.
3. I usually mark the walls to be removed by using the "Hatch Wall" tool, Found under the Build Menu - Wall - Hatch Wall". With this tool you can mark your walls to stand out in plan view from other interior walls using the tool.
4. So in the "Remodel Plan" (being a save-as copy of the As built plan ) there is no need ever for invisible walls. If I feel the need to show demo walls in the remodel plan I commonly use 2D CAD poly-lines using a dashed line style (2D CAD lines cause less trouble than any walls, visible or invisible.
5.Some Permit authorities require an opaque fill in Demo Walls (meaning you cannot simply use the "Hatch Wall" tool method. In such cases I take a wall type that I am not otherwise using in the plan and edit it to look like an interior wall but that has a dark black fill instead of the default yellow fill of interior 4 walls.
There are other ways to annotate these kinds of things using 2D fill boxes (filled poly-lines) but I do not favor that method over the above methods in Home Designer Pro.


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