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  1. KarenHSD

    Auto dimensions

    I am using Home Designer Pro 2016. My problem is with Auto interior dimensions. When I use this options I also get all the exterior dimensions, i only want the interior dimensions. Cant find the answer anywhere including the videos. Can you help?
  2. KarenHSD

    Clipping elevation views

    To clarify..one wall of my drawing has a small group of cabinetry, the rest of the wall is just wall and a door. I only want to show the cabinetry in my elevation view. Is there a way to do this?
  3. KarenHSD

    Adding an invisible wall

    In the plan view of my design I want to show a wall that will be removed durning construction. How do I show this? The Chief Architect version has an invisible wall tool but I don't see one in my HD Pro version.
  4. KarenHSD

    Clipping elevation views

    I'm wanting to clip a wall elevation view in HD Pro. I have watched the video "side clipping section and elevation views" but it only shows how to do this using the cross section elevation camera and back clipped camera. Can i clip a view with the wall elevation camera?
  5. KarenHSD

    Cabinet end panels

    Thank you Eric, so easy!
  6. KarenHSD

    Cabinet end panels

    Hi, I'm using Home Designer Pro, trying to figure out how to add a door panel to the end of a cabinet. I've tried using a partition but can't get the same profile as the door fronts. Any advice here?
  7. KarenHSD

    Adjusting dimensions

    Could someone please advise on how to set up my interior dimensions so they locate to the inside surface of the drywall. I have tried this http://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00658/specifying-which-wall-layer-exterior-dimensions-locate.html
  8. When I send an elevation to layout It also sends text of the number of the elevated view. For example "Elevation 4" how do I turn this off? I'm sure there is an easy way to do this but I can't find it. Thanks in advance Karen.
  9. I'm new to Home Designer and have the Pro version on my Mac. I'm trying to create my own title block that I can use for all my projects. I understand how to send to layout but I do not want to have to change the info in the title block each time. I'd like to have a personalized template that I can use. Can someone point me to a tutorial, preferably a video that I can reference for help? I should specify that creating the actual drawing is not the problem. I think where I'm having difficulty is saving , filing and retrieving for use. Pulling my hair out!