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  1. Solver,

    Have not been on for quite awhile...I have HD Pro 2018 and I am doing a plan with a front wall with partial brick with siding above...I have the foundation bumped-out for the brick to set there a way to "cut" a brickledge so the brick goes below the terrain...thus no foundation shows above grade

  2. chiefuserWRH

    Can HD Pro 2018 show Brickledges in Elevation & Section views?

    No I don't Solver...that's another reason to upgrade to Chief when I can! Thanks for the info...have a great 2018!
  3. Is there a procedure to show brickledges in Elevations & sections in HD Pro 2018? Thx!
  4. chiefuserWRH

    Home Designer Pro 2018 plan file question

    Thanks for the info. JoAnn...back in business! Bill
  5. chiefuserWRH

    Home Designer Pro 2018 plan file question

    Plan retrieval question??? I went to open a plan I had worked on earlier a week ago and the program could not find the plan file. I tried to open other of my plans and had no problems opening them...if I had not saved the plan I was trying to open wouldn't I still have an older version that I could retrieve and at least get that back older version and go from there? I find other project plan files so I know the program works???? Any possible ideas that I might try??? Thanks in advance! Bill
  6. chiefuserWRH

    Foundation cutouts for garage/service doors in HD Pro 2018???

    Thanks Solver but I persisted and got it to work...I appreciate your response!
  7. I watched the above noted video and I can't seem to get the procedure to there a trick to it?? Has anyone else had this problem??? Thanks!
  8. chiefuserWRH

    Stair break line in HD Pro 2018???

    Thanks Solver...the stairs are existing in a 1910 brick home. That's just how the stairs are configured.
  9. chiefuserWRH

    Stair break line in HD Pro 2018???

    Thanks Solver...grabbed the wrong plan. Here is the correct file. Leu-5-30-17-Proposed bath w.o. French Dr.- Plan.plan
  10. chiefuserWRH

    Stair break line in HD Pro 2018???

    Ok David...further info. and question. I've attached my plan file...this is a bath scenario in a home that is for sale so that prospective buyers can visualize possible options for a new bath. I have a partial U-shaped stair from my 1st floor to my 2nd floor as you can see in my plan....BUT the stairs/landings cover-up the area to the proposed bath which will be very confusing to the buyers. Any options??? Thanks! WRH Leu-5-30-17-Option 1.plan
  11. Is there a stair break line option in HD Pro 2018 similar to X9?
  12. chiefuserWRH

    Door swing in plan view-obscured by stoop slab???

    Thanks Jo_Ann & worked great...the ChiefTalk & HomeTalk forum are AWESOME!!!!
  13. Thanks for the help...worked great!

  14. i see we are close in age lmao !!  i was born in 55 hardest part i have had with learning the program is how words are so diffrent not to mention how some of these other people assume that we all know certain aspects of the computer !!!!  

             where to click and put your mouse pointer is another crazy thing , with all the frustrating issues it still is great !! And if you think pro is good you should try cheif premier 

    1. chiefuserWRH


      I hear you...we still have a few (hopefully 30) good years left in us!  I had version 10 of Chief but did not keep up with it, I'm unemployed right now and bought HD Pro2018 now to at least get back into it and when I find a full-time job OR start doing more projects on my own I will upgrade to latest Chief version....until then HD Pro is the way to go!

  15. chiefuserWRH

    Door swing in plan view-obscured by stoop slab???

    No terrain hole, not many options in Pro,,,what steps would I use to move terrain to level 0?