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  1. Are there any EPDM roofing libraries for Home Designer? Thanks in advance!
  2. Solver,

    Have not been on for quite awhile...I have HD Pro 2018 and I am doing a plan with a front wall with partial brick with siding above...I have the foundation bumped-out for the brick to set there a way to "cut" a brickledge so the brick goes below the terrain...thus no foundation shows above grade

  3. No I don't Solver...that's another reason to upgrade to Chief when I can! Thanks for the info...have a great 2018!
  4. Is there a procedure to show brickledges in Elevations & sections in HD Pro 2018? Thx!
  5. Thanks for the info. JoAnn...back in business! Bill
  6. Plan retrieval question??? I went to open a plan I had worked on earlier a week ago and the program could not find the plan file. I tried to open other of my plans and had no problems opening them...if I had not saved the plan I was trying to open wouldn't I still have an older version that I could retrieve and at least get that back older version and go from there? I find other project plan files so I know the program works???? Any possible ideas that I might try??? Thanks in advance! Bill
  7. Thanks Solver but I persisted and got it to work...I appreciate your response!
  8. I watched the above noted video and I can't seem to get the procedure to there a trick to it?? Has anyone else had this problem??? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Solver...the stairs are existing in a 1910 brick home. That's just how the stairs are configured.
  10. Thanks Solver...grabbed the wrong plan. Here is the correct file. Leu-5-30-17-Proposed bath w.o. French Dr.- Plan.plan
  11. Ok David...further info. and question. I've attached my plan file...this is a bath scenario in a home that is for sale so that prospective buyers can visualize possible options for a new bath. I have a partial U-shaped stair from my 1st floor to my 2nd floor as you can see in my plan....BUT the stairs/landings cover-up the area to the proposed bath which will be very confusing to the buyers. Any options??? Thanks! WRH Leu-5-30-17-Option 1.plan
  12. Is there a stair break line option in HD Pro 2018 similar to X9?
  13. Thanks Jo_Ann & worked great...the ChiefTalk & HomeTalk forum are AWESOME!!!!
  14. Thanks for the help...worked great!

  15. No terrain hole, not many options in Pro,,,what steps would I use to move terrain to level 0?
  16. I tried to click on the terrain and then move it but I must not be following the procedure you did OR I can't do that option in HD Pro 2018?
  17. Thanks for the info., I was trying to show the slabs with some color to highlight but I can do without... I thought of another question...I've shown window wells w/conc. walls for some egress windows from the lower basement area, but the terrain flows into them and obscures them. Is there away to accomplish what I want? Solver, 1) Actually the "brick" is Ledgestone and I plan to put a stone cap on it. 2) Pro does NOT have the added settings that X9 has...hopefully I will get a full-time job and can upgrade to X9 or X10 but that may be awhile. Thanks for you input. Have a great week ahead! WRH
  18. I actually have the construction Master Pro Desktop version but you are saying there is a digital version that you can actually use in HD Pro 2018?? Where is that purchased?
    1. Wall alignments from floor to floor?  Please clarify what you mean?
    2. Does the brick protrude past the siding above or is it flush?  I showed the foundation walls with a 5" wide brickledge all around, I would like to actually step it down but I haven't figured out yet how to do that or how far to drop.
    3. I imagine the smaller gables are built on... My plan is to run the roof structure through the center of the bldg. with the side as over-built roofs. I would like to use timber-frame trusses here but I'm not sure how that would be best accomplished???  I know I picked a fairly complicated project for my first trial into HD Pro 2018 but this is the project I'm stuck with!  ANY THOUGHT ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!  Thanks!
  19. Done with my roof adjustments...attached is my plan file. There is a door in front & in back which are outswing but don't show-up in plan view??? Thanks for any help! Uncommon Cents Investing-Office Project plan.plan
  20. Ok, I will send it when I re-adjust my roofs...Thanks!
  21. I am a novice to HD Pro 2018, how would I attach my file and send it????
  22. They do show up when swung in. This is not my final plan so I will double-check my swing req'ts. Thanks!
  23. I need to outswing for our code...I have not posted a plan file...can I do a screenshot and attach to forum post?