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    Wood and carpet rendering issue in HD Pro 2016

    Here is what I am seeing on HD Pro 2016 on my computer.
  2. MCCCcc

    Wood and carpet rendering issue in HD Pro 2016

    Thank David you for reviewing my plan and providing the video feedback on settings to make objects look more realistic. It looks beautiful on your computer; the way I want it to look. I updated the video driver two days ago and went from a black rendering to a much brighter one, but still had grays on the wood and carpet. Looks like I need to play with the setting on my video card to improve the rendering. By the way, may computer is a laptop that is 9 years old running Windows 7. Still works like a champ as I maximized the technology when I purchased it to give me longevity on the performance. That has seemed to help, but perhaps I'm running onto limitations.
  3. MCCCcc

    Wood and carpet rendering issue in HD Pro 2016

    Thank you for sharing the video instruction. I am a very occasional user that has not used HD Pro for at least a year and have never posted here before. Here is the backed up plan compressed as a zip file:
  4. MCCCcc

    Aligning Footings

    As an added note, include the exterior foam layer in the main layer so the upper walls extend over the foam, if that is how you intend to build the structure.
  5. MCCCcc

    Aligning Footings

    Trick the footing into thinking the wall is 22" thick by adding a 4" exterior layer of air insulation on the wall type.This puts the center of the wall in the middle of the concrete. In the wall type definition the line for the air insulation can be changed to be white and not visible on the floorplan. In the crossectional and orthographic views the air gap is not shown on the outside of the exterior foam.
  6. Using HomeDesigner Pro 2016. I've been working through issues on my PC to get better 3D rendering for my client. Solved a very dark rendering issue by updating the video card driver, but still getting wood and carpet textures looking grey. My expectation is the color and texture should be close to the library browser views. The wood materials are both form the HD Core Catalog under Materials, Flooring, Wood, Oak and Materials, Wood, Oak. The same issue exists for the carpet which is a Mohawk, carpet, Wunda Weve, 9665 Timeless Design - 876 Peat Moss. I've added lights in the room and adjusted up the intensity but that makes the grey much lighter. Other furniture objects look fine. Is the rendering issue is my computer or a software setting? There are four components that have wood or carpet that are grey, dark oak flooring, rustic oak boards, blonde oak boards and the carpet. The blonde oak is used as the floor structure of the steps, which are made from invisible walls where each wall is set at a different floor heights. The rustic oak is used as a wall covering for a wall type called Rustic Post. It is being used to create a vertical post wrapped in rustic oak and the wall thickness of only 3/4" thick. Computer: Dell Studio 1555, 64 bit Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon 4570, 4334 MB Memory Size Catalyst Version: 13.9, control version 2013.0429.2313.39747 2D Driver Version: Direct 3D Version: OpenGL Version: 10 Timber Brook Ln Durham Base Plan.plan