Have a plan, now two questions. Roof and Pillars


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I have a plan, for the most part like I want it. But, I want to raise it on 16 - 30cm x 30cm (~ 12" x 12") pillars, one story up. I want to have a lower level to use for storage, parking, etc. (Not sure if that is even the proper size. But, I figure more is better / stronger.) 


The home will be constructed where no utilities are located. So, I will also put three large tanks (20,000 liters each) under the home, for our water requirements.


I live in Cambodia, so anything concerning "code" does not apply here. Believe me, it really does not apply here!




I have looked in the Database, to no avail. So, any instruction on how to do this would be appreciated. 




2nd question:


I am assuming the roof is generated by a default setting? If not, how can I change it to metal, with metal frame for the roof, rather than lumber and, what I can only assume is shingles?


Again, any instruction on how to sort this would be appreciated. 


Thanks again,

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Insert a new floor under the house. Use one of the available tools -- Soffit, Slab, Closed Shape from library to create the columns.


You can set the roof materials, I think, in your roof defaults. Not sure about the metal framing. I believe you would need Pro for that.

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