Cathedral wall between cathedral ceiling and 2nd floor flat ceiling


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As David suggested ...


For many questions, and this is one of them, attaching your plan file will help someone help you. So many possible settings and ways of doing things, having the file eliminates lots of back and fourth.


14MB size limit. Zip or remove unneeded things like furniture, cars etc. if it's larger. Close the program before zipping and attaching.

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There is a lot of automatic actions in this software. Most of them  operate (do what they do) mostly based upon Default settings. In your case it is that the Auto-generated Attic walls are not filling in where they are visually needed between your custom  ceiling planes and the underside of the roof planes. The ONLY tool you have available in  HD Pro are auto-generated or MANUALLY DRAWN attic walls. Soffits are not that customizable to fill unwanted holes like yours. The only tool you can apply that I can think  of would be a attic wall or walls to close those holes manually (easier said, than done...). I tried for several  minutes to do  that and I failed. I now recommend that you submit your plan to Chief Architect Tech Support to see if perhaps they can come up with something that does work for your purposes. I hope that Eric or someone else gets a success for you, sorry.

In Chief Premier X10, I have several options to fix the holes that do not exist in HD Pro, I was trying to fix it using just Pro tools but I found that did not work. If you like, I will fix your problem in X10 and repost the plan but you will NOT be able to alter that "fix" once you get the plan file back. Let me know, please.




PS: edited file attached in X10, enjoy

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6 minutes ago, derose said:

What options does premier have that pro doesn't.


Lots. Download the trial and see for yourself. If you search around on the Home Designer website, (or contact sales) you can find a comparison PDF.


It's a lot more money, but if you are a pro, I cannot imagine using Home Designer.

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17 hours ago, derose said:

fill in between the cathedral ceiling and the 2nd floor flat celing.

OK - so I use 'pro.'...successfully as a 'pro'....

Move the handrailing out of the way - build a wall in the opening and then shape it, viewing it in section/elevation,  to the ceiling profile...

Now install the handrailing back as it was. This could work I think.

This is a suggested method....I dont like downloading users files.....otherwise I'd have a go for you with this as a solution.



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