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I'm trying to create a dormer with a bay window on the 2nd floor for viewing out of 3 sides. My second floor exterior walls are only 3 feet to create an attic style second floor (to 8 feet high). Any ideas how to create this in home designer pro 2021? I have attached my butchered attempts. I have tried both methods of creating a dormer with a bay window and also creating walls that shape in a bay window and building up.

Also any recommendations for roof styles would be nice.

Thanks so much in advance


bay window question.PNG

bay window question 1.PNG

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I would do this manually on the first floor, create a blank second floor and manually draw in the stacked bay window. The bay window tool is pre-programmed to be only on a single floor. I suppose you might try using the bay window tool on the first floor but it WILL NOT work in the "Attic", you must create a second floor. "Automatic" (preset) roofs cannot easily be used to create this as it is beyond the programming of this tool.



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circled in red. 3' exterior walls. Hoping to create the dormer/turret style 6-8' tall as a little "viewing nook/day bed" on the second floor. I realize the ICF wall is not correct into the house. Just playing around.

2nd floor.PNG

1st floor.PNG

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12 minutes ago, solver said:

Attach the plan file -- probably something simple.


The plan file, not a picture of the plan :)


24 minutes ago, solver said:

With auto roofs, create a room on the 2nd floor.


I see no room. You need a turret room to control the roof. Try that before attaching the plan.

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