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  1. tmactom

    dormer bay window

    :O That's it!! How the deck do I read up on that. That's exactly it!
  2. tmactom

    dormer bay window

    I never tried the turret room control, let alone knowing that was even an option!
  3. tmactom

    dormer bay window

    haha gotcha. attaching now Final design test.plan
  4. tmactom

    dormer bay window

    circled in red. 3' exterior walls. Hoping to create the dormer/turret style 6-8' tall as a little "viewing nook/day bed" on the second floor. I realize the ICF wall is not correct into the house. Just playing around.
  5. tmactom

    dormer bay window

    Thanks both, I did create a 2nd floor. Just trying to make a dormer with bay window in it. I have tried both methods with no such luck.
  6. tmactom

    dormer bay window

    Hey, I'm trying to create a dormer with a bay window on the 2nd floor for viewing out of 3 sides. My second floor exterior walls are only 3 feet to create an attic style second floor (to 8 feet high). Any ideas how to create this in home designer pro 2021? I have attached my butchered attempts. I have tried both methods of creating a dormer with a bay window and also creating walls that shape in a bay window and building up. Also any recommendations for roof styles would be nice. Thanks so much in advance Tom
  7. tmactom

    dormer issue

    ok thanks again Eric
  8. tmactom

    dormer issue

    The "auto" feature. Or should I just manually create the dormer? The auto floating feature comes up like this and editing it gets me no where.
  9. tmactom

    dormer issue

    Hi All, new style home I'm doing where the 2nd floor walls are 5 feet tall, Then angle a few feet to a 9' flat ceiling. Wondering how to control these dormers? (attached). Thanks in advance. Tom
  10. tmactom

    making a wood pile

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully found or created a wood pile (like 4 cords of wood stacked in a row). I see wood pile in the original library but that's not what I'm after. Thanks!
  11. ill give this a go, thank you
  12. yes i get that for the sides, but the middle one is giving me issues. im not sure how to do a mild radius through the entire top sill of the window
  13. hmmm. I don't. i see shapes and arch, but can't see how to do this...
  14. Hi, is there a feature to create windows like this? (subtle radius in the middle window, slightly larger on the outside) I can do the match roof, but its triangulated. Thanks in advance!
  15. you're a rock star. Little things I forget. Thank you Eric