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  1. tmactom

    ceiling planes not working

    you're a rock star. Little things I forget. Thank you Eric
  2. tmactom

    ceiling planes not working

    Also, not sure why the terrain feature is always next to my cursor....? not sure what that is all about
  3. tmactom

    ceiling planes not working

    Home designer pro 2021 - ceiling planes are not working. I have put a 6/12 pitch in the ceiling before and it works flawlessly (Thanks Eric!). I have put the outside planes on the inside of the drywall. They just wont work. Any ideas how to get this ceiling plane to work? Settings appear to be fine...It's a gable wall. But no luck.. I've tried different things with no luck. Thanks in advance!
  4. tmactom

    final drawings

    Thanks Eric, updated. I figured as much. I will review those as well.
  5. tmactom

    final drawings

    Anyone have some good video tutorials on the final plan production of drawings ready for permit submission? I'm sure there is a post already out there but couldn't find one. I am close to submitting my first project. Thanks for any help you may have! Tom Home Designer PRO
  6. tmactom

    gable to hip roof question

    Ok thank you. I updated my signature
  7. tmactom

    gable to hip roof question

    Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to get rid of these "humps" in the upper corners of this open to below room. I want perfect triangle gables over this common kitchen and area. images may explain more if not let me know. I don't want to lose the look of the outside though. Is this a ceiling plane feature to fix this? cheers Tom