Dormer Gable Roof and Attic Roof Showing on Exterior


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After numerous attempts in Home Designer Suite 2020, I am unable to successfully build a second floor bedroom that has a dormer and gable roof.  In addition, the roof above the adjacent garage/attic area is auto-building as if the interior walls are exterior walls.  In a camera view, the interior walls can be seen from the exterior.


I am hoping someone could please take a look at the attached picture and plan file to determine where I have the wrong settings in the right place.

Chelsea House Pic.jpg

Chelsea House Plan.plan

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Keep auto rebuild roofs on until the roof is correct.


Roofs build over rooms, so focus on the roof first. Once it's correct, then turn off auto rebuild and work on the rooms.


It looks like your default roof pitch does not match the house, the garage roof is too low etc.


And why draw the house with the front at the top of the screen? 

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Thank you, David and Eric:  I greatly appreciate the quick feedback which provided several settings to check and kicked off a few new ideas. 


The roof pitch was incorrect (default is 8 in 12)...adjusted to 12 in 12 which helped fix a few issues.  However, there is still a very odd roof line and exposed interior walls.  It seems much of the issue lies in the height of the garage walls and the height above the front door which should be a ~2' and 1' higher, respectively.  I don't see a way to correct wall height in Home Designer Suite 2020.  The garage roof line is about 8" above the front door roof line...which is about 20" above the roof line adjacent (right) to it.


David, the interior walls that you saw are actually interior walls - with the "outside" being attic walls.  I may need to add a knee wall to the attic space in the front of the house (which there are in reality) and change the exposed exterior wall in the rear a knee wall, which it is).  


Thanks again, I'll kept chipping away at it.  



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I take it, this a work in progress, generally when a have a 2nd floor you lower the ceiling heights 12" or more once the roof

is how should be, then you turn off auto rebuild roof and reset the ceiling heights to there defaults.


Where are the stairs to the second floor? there's 2 doors on the second floor, one on the bedroom and the other

on the open below room. The attic and invisible walls are useless delete them, there's a room with double doors, draw a wall

to make it a room also do the same for the hallway.


On the first floor, why is that room  open below?  If you could, upload a picture of the rear and sides of the house, you

can't see what the roof should look like from the one picture.

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