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  1. Thank you, David and Eric: I greatly appreciate the quick feedback which provided several settings to check and kicked off a few new ideas. The roof pitch was incorrect (default is 8 in 12)...adjusted to 12 in 12 which helped fix a few issues. However, there is still a very odd roof line and exposed interior walls. It seems much of the issue lies in the height of the garage walls and the height above the front door which should be a ~2' and 1' higher, respectively. I don't see a way to correct wall height in Home Designer Suite 2020. The garage roof line is about 8" above the
  3. Hello: After numerous attempts in Home Designer Suite 2020, I am unable to successfully build a second floor bedroom that has a dormer and gable roof. In addition, the roof above the adjacent garage/attic area is auto-building as if the interior walls are exterior walls. In a camera view, the interior walls can be seen from the exterior. I am hoping someone could please take a look at the attached picture and plan file to determine where I have the wrong settings in the right place. Chelsea House Plan.plan
  4. Thanks Eric & LawB10...Good suggestions that got me going again.
  5. Thank you for the answer, Eric. Your recommended solution did work in moving the floor to Level 0, but I now have a very confusing/unsolvable battle with varying absolute & relative ceiling/floor heights on Level 0 and also cannot create a new foundation without deleting the "new" Floor 0. Should I just delete everything and start over?
  6. Hello: I created a walk-out basement floor on Level 1 instead of Level 0, and I would like to move the basement to Level 0. Is it possible, in Home Designer Suite 2020, to delete the monolithic slab foundation that is currently on Level 0 and move the Level 1 basement to Level 0 - essentially making it the foundation floor as it should be? If so, how? Thanks a bunch! Rob
  7. Sometimes, I feel like a knucklehead looking for doorknob on a baseball...Ceiling Surfaces in Display Settings was click, and all ceilings appeared as they should. I am certain I checked this setting numerous times...sigh...sorting the Display Settings by checked/unchecked quickly brought the list of unchecked items to the top, one of which was the fix. Thank you, Eric, for your time and knowledge.
  8. Thank you for the quick response, David. I did look for myself prior to posting my question, and I read the post very carefully many times, and I studied the settings for several hours, including the other relevant settings. In addition, I studied numerous other posts on this site and other sites. I read the help/instructional files several times, and I watched numerous YouTube videos per Eric's suggestion...and I even turned on my signature per his suggestion so my version is readily available, Thanks Eric. I also changed Ceiling Finish & Ceiling Structure measurements 20-or-more time
  9. Was there an answer to this issue? Thanks!