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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! However when i open the orthographic view on my computer immediately upon running the program this is the image i see.. Perhaps their is a setting in the preferences that is not right on my version?
  2. I compressed it so that it is small enough to attach. I hope you are able to view it. Thanks Conlee Angled garage bedroom basement Mar 23,
  3. I'm having difficulty trying to get all the attic walls to display in the 3D view. I have a spot on my second floor that is open below and where the different roof lines meet the attic walls won't generate in 3D above the railing and open area. It's very frustrating because on the plan view the attic wall automatically generate yet when i switch views to the orthographic view they won't display. Please help. Thanks Conlee
  4. I hope this works. The file was larger then 25MB so i compressed it into a zip folder. clerestory roof Feb
  5. I have adjusted those two settings with no success at getting the ceiling surface to display. I even tried mimicking those settings of my current plan on a new plan. Ceiling surface is always displayed on the new test plan. I have a feeling their is a different setting that needs to be changed
  6. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018. Thanks for the suggestion about the my signature Hopefully it's being displayed now.
  7. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. Most of my house plan will have a vaulted ceiling so i usually unchecked the "ceiling over this room" box to remove the flat ceiling. Normally, the ceiling should appear and follow the underside of the roof structure but it doesn't appear. Even rooms that have flat ceilings where i have kept the ceiling box check, aren't being displayed. I have experimented with drawing manual ceiling planes as well but they don't appear either.