Gable roof not working properly


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Probably the title should read "I'm not installing the roof properly"..... Anyway, I've watched Beginning Roof Deign and Advanced Roof Design. I've built and rebuilt according to the instructions but the roof is never fully functional, either missing attic walls it won't seem to let me add , or not building framing. I've included pictures of what I'm trying for and an example of my failure to produce. The main gable doesn't respond to the gable roof tool. Also the porch roof which is at a much lower pitch does not respond by the instructions in the videos. I can force it, But I know it's not structurally right. Currently I just deleted the whole roof and let it auto rebuild the default roof settings. Any wisdom is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Angie


Screenshot 2019-10-20 09.47.28.png

Screenshot 2019-10-30 22.59.11.png

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Ha! Yes Eric, that is what I am trying to do. :) I've watched and rewatched the roof instructional videos. What they say to do is not working. I'll continue playing around. But I really need more instruction than what is given. I completely started over drawing the plans incase that was the problem. If you know of other great manual roof videos other than than what is listed under Home Talk I would be very grateful. (I've also read and watched so many roof posts on this forum, but I definitely could have missed some. I want to learn.

Thank you,

Angie Robshaw

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Roofs are not difficult, but they do take practice, and that practice is what everyone seems to skip.


The goal should be to first learn the roof tools and not just to build a roof on a specific house.


Start with a 1 room structure. Draw a hip roof, then change to a gable. Add an extension making it L shaped and draw new roofs over it, then connect these new roofs to the existing. 


Once you are comfortable and confident, apply your roof skills to an actual project.


I have several roof videos on my YouTube channel




as does David Potter.


Attic walls. Sometimes you need to draw them in manually. Sometimes they are cut off by a lower roof plane.


Gable roof tool is used for auto roofs, not manual.


Manual roofs respond to roof and room settings just like auto roofs. If the porch has a higher ceiling and you draw a roof over it, the roof will align itself with the ceiling.


Are you able to get this far with auto roofs? If so, do you see how to create the missing gable?


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13 hours ago, solver said:


Watch on YouTube:





Thank you for having mercy on me Eric.  I subscribed to your channel and I plan to binge watch your roof videos. :) Going to learn this.  There is no sound on your video, (I don't think it was me, I could hear Davids) Not sure if you can simply click a button to turn on the sound, your instructions are always so helpful. If it's not that easy, no worries. I watched yours twice and I think I got most of what you were teaching. Between the two of you I see how to do it. I wasn't as off as I thought.  I got most of the way there. Didn't understand how the attic walls worked when cut off by the roof above. Also figured dragging roofs was a "no-no" since dragging walls was in my last house. 


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1 hour ago, DavidJPotter said:

Me too!

Thank you for adding your video too David. I think you the solved the mystery of why my materials would phantom change back to tan siding and cream trim. I didn't realize I had to change defaults in materials in addition to walls. Thank you for going above and beyond and explaining so many other details and how things work. Really really helpful. 



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