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  1. Thank you Eric. That will work.
  2. I upgraded to Home Designer 2021 so that I could print in Arch D size. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get the text boxes ,that you put all the blueprint info in, to also change size. Is there an easy way? Thank you
  3. I'm working on finishing my electrical plans. Several rooms have fans with light kits on them. The program is auto-creating 3 way switches. I just want 1 fan switch and 1 light switch. Is there a way to override the auto 3 way feature? What's the trick? Thank you, Angie
  4. Thank you foe responding. Have a blessed day! Angie
  5. Yes, this issue too. Hoping for help.
  6. I was able to import a survey dxf file plan but the measurements the program read, it interpreted in Inches. I have tried to change it to feet, section by section, but it causes chaos. Is there another way that I can change the way the program reads the measurements? I need the plot to be to scale so I can add in the buildings. Thank you, Angie Robshaw CR 401.plan
  7. Thank you very much @solver and @davidjpotter. I did try the soffit method but the bricks didn't look right, thank you Davis for explaining how you turn the direction of the bricks. Angie Robshaw
  8. Home designer pro 2020. Is that not showing up on my signature? I see it on my end. Thank you David, Angie
  9. Is it possible to do stone soldiers on the sill and lintel? Also lining the roof as pictured? I may need to search another term. That's just what I call them, and I'm not finding anything. Thank you, Angie
  10. It's telling me "You are only allowed to upload 10.78mb" Any ideas?
  11. I've watched and rewatched. It's just not cooperating. Any more tips for why the vaulted ceiling doesn't show up? The living room is my main concern. The clients would like to see the look.
  12. I followed an instructional video on installing vaulted ceiling planes. It seemed pretty simple but it's not showing up in 3d view. Do I have to build framing first? I'm trying to put vaulted ceilings only over the living room area. Thank you Angie Robshaw Cabrera_Template_(2).plan
  13. Ha! I love it. More of a farm style vibe. I'm home pulling my hair out. I'm trying to get the house to a good enough place to ask a question...or two. :0 It's all fun and games until I get to roofs.
  14. Eric, huge help, thank you very much for your time.
  15. Thank you SO much David. I'm glad at least some of my issues were not user error.
  16. Is there a way to undo the "build framing" ? Or do I just have to work around it? Thank you for pointing out the facia differences I'll get that fixed. Thank you for your encouragement. This is about my 4th redraw of this plan and my eyes are starting to cross.
  17. The exposed rafters in the 1 1/2 story garage. In the second story part. The walls in the second story above the garage. You can see the trim where the wall stops at the 2 foot mark. Above that is attic walls. Maybe that is how you do it? But it seemed wrong to me. Thank you, Angie Robshaw
  18. I can't find a lot of information on 1 1/2 story building. There is a 1 1/2 story only over the garage. There are multiple problems I'm running into. One is the exposed rafters that I can't seem to fix. Second I can't figure out how to make the walls go all the way to the ceiling. I have made it work with the top being attic wall, but I don't think that is correct. I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Angie Cabrera Template.plan
  19. Well I'm thinking it's because I don't know what I am doing. I thought 'use soffit surface for ceiling' meant that the ceiling would follow the roof framing instead of a flat ceiling. Thank you for solving the mystery. Very much appreciated on this busy day. Angie
  20. Why do I have exposed Osb on the corners? 1 1/2 story garage. What am I missing? Thank you, Angie Cabrera Garage.plan
  21. Thank you! Thank you! Also thank you for the roof tutorial link. I will definitely be watching them. Roofs seems like the hardest part of drawing plans, to me anyway.
  22. Ha! Yes Eric, that is what I am trying to do. I've watched and rewatched the roof instructional videos. What they say to do is not working. I'll continue playing around. But I really need more instruction than what is given. I completely started over drawing the plans incase that was the problem. If you know of other great manual roof videos other than than what is listed under Home Talk I would be very grateful. (I've also read and watched so many roof posts on this forum, but I definitely could have missed some. I want to learn. Thank you, Angie Robshaw