Can we match cabinets/finishes?


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Please spend some time reviewing the Home Designer videos available on YouTube and/or the Home Designer web site.


I think you will find that many of your how do I questions will be answered.


It's common for people to see answers to their questions as being simple, and sometimes they are, but more often the answer is it depends.


Posting good images and your plan file is usually helpful as they save lots of back and fourth and unnecessary effort.

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Hi all,


I haven't found the answer I'm seeking, but I did find that there seems to be a bug; when I define/redefine finishes for cabinets, it doesn't update the doors unless I replace the cabinets (see upper cabinets in attached). Not sure what's supposed to happen here because now when I update the default, nothing happens at all.

To be clear, I understand how to set/edit defaults. I'm trying to figure out if I can:

1) Edit the defaults and have that change automatically update all cabinets placed with defaults

2) Create a custom cabinet, save the style, and apply this to other cabinets

3) Revert individual cabinets to default


As noted, I don't know the terminology, have looked, and haven't found answers. Knowing what things are called is key; for example, if I'm trying to "duplicate" something, I won't find it in a search. If I know or somehow stumble upon using "replicate" I'm in luck...




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