How do I set Defaults for Stairs


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Today I am trying to make a stairway with a landing then two more steps after the landing.  Simple enough, got that done, had it automatically calculate the number of treads, done.  Now, I want to make them 48" wide.  I highlight the whole stair, the specification dialog comes up, I set stair one at 48", and stair 2 at 48", click ok and the ONLY stair that changes is the #1 the stairway is no longer one stair but is two separate stairs.  I tried resizing the second stair by trying to grab the "size" displayed between < >, but as soon as I click on the size, it MOVES and won't allow me to even select it!

I also cannot find a way to make the landing 48x48.  I got close by dragging it, but could only get the one side at 47 15/16.  The next move caused it to go to 48 1/16. 

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I often do this outside the plan, then once the assembly is correct, group select and Point to Point move into position.


1) Draw a CAD box (square) and size it 48x48.


Notice I don't drag, I enter dimensions. This is a placeholder for your stair landing.


2) Draw in two stair sections. Open each and size them as needed. I normally have the program build stairs and do a Make Best Fit to get the settings.


3) Select each section and using the Point to Point tool, move the corner of each section to the corner of the CAD box (landing).


4) Click the Stair tool -- it does not need to be the Landing tool, and click between the sections to create the landing.


5) Delete the CAD box as it's no longer needed.

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