Cannot edit roof plane w/o losing dormer


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I would like to add a cantilevered balcony to a large shed dormer.  Essentially the dormer acts as a room within the second story.  The deck will draw just fine, but anything I do to the roof planes completely eliminates the dormer walls and roof.  I would like to break the roof planes to meet the sides of the balcony so as to not cover the balcony deck.


It is an automatic dormer so I get the warning "Cannot build walls for dormer here because other walls are in the way." 


Anything I want to change on the rear roof plane results in the entire dormer reverting to the original roof.


Any help appreciated.



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If you edit the component parts of a dormer improperly of course you will destroy its usefulness, as a unified object (Dormer Tool) the placement of the dormer is critical. If you really need to edit the dormer it should be "exploded" into its parts ( roof plane, hole in the roof poly line, Walls) and once exploded carefully rearrange  the parts manually until you  get the outcome intended. It is not a difficult process but is exacting and unforgiving when missteps are taken.



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Thank you for that suggestion.  I didn't think of exploding the dormer because I did not want to edit the dormer.  But... it worked.  Now the main roof no longer cuts through the balcony.


Thanks to everyone else--I did consider all of those options.

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