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  1. Crashmo

    Changing Line Weights

    Thank you David. The very second I ticked the "show line weight" box in preferences it all came to life. I think it just took some time away from the screen to see it. Many thanks, Bill
  2. Crashmo

    Changing Line Weights

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to change the line weight of my roof planes. No matter where I make the attempt, the line weight I see on the screen remains the same, about 18. I've tried to uncheck layers in the object box as well as change the display properties. No matter what I do, the line weight that I see on the screen will not change. I cannot find any related titles in the defaults or preferences. I've done a search here for line weights and changes and tried most of the suggested to no avail. What am I missing? Thanks, Bill HD Pro 2017
  3. Crashmo

    Keyboard Shortcuts or Hot Keys

    Thanks Eric.
  4. Crashmo

    Keyboard Shortcuts or Hot Keys

    I've been looking for a way to program hot keys or shortcuts to things I access regularly. Some of the menu items already have shortcuts assigned to them. What about the ones that do not. Has anyone figured out a way to assign hot keys to items? eg. Open Layout or New Layout. I don't see anything in the reference manual or user guide. I have other apps where this is possible. Bill HD Pro 2014 HD Pro 2017
  5. Crashmo

    Cannot edit roof plane w/o losing dormer

    David, Thank you for that suggestion. I didn't think of exploding the dormer because I did not want to edit the dormer. But... it worked. Now the main roof no longer cuts through the balcony. Thanks to everyone else--I did consider all of those options.
  6. I would like to add a cantilevered balcony to a large shed dormer. Essentially the dormer acts as a room within the second story. The deck will draw just fine, but anything I do to the roof planes completely eliminates the dormer walls and roof. I would like to break the roof planes to meet the sides of the balcony so as to not cover the balcony deck. It is an automatic dormer so I get the warning "Cannot build walls for dormer here because other walls are in the way." Anything I want to change on the rear roof plane results in the entire dormer reverting to the original roof. Any help appreciated.
  7. Crashmo

    Window bump has problem with egress well

    Thanks for your guidance. I used the Jo Ann technique. I had to get back here and read carefully. Each wall must be selected individually and the rail height adjusted. That lengthens the half walls. Just for good measure I will try dragging the wall down as well. Bill
  8. I drew a foundation for a basement that will be living space. Hence, a few egress wells for fire safety. Those were in place and looking good. Then we decided as part of our kitchen remodel we would add a slight bump out to the main window in the dining area. This happens to be over one of the egress wells in the basement. When I added the window bump, the egress well walls automatically rose to the level of the floor of the bump out. The 2 separate items are now somehow connected and whatever I do seems to negate their separation. When I initially added the bump out the opposing walls of the egress well rose through the bump to meet the roof of the bump out. If I change the floor and ceiling of the egress well, it drags the bump out floor down into the foundation level. If I move the floor or ceiling of the bump out, the egress well moves up to become one with the bump out. Can I separate these 2 items? pic 1 is the egress wells as originally drawn. This is how I want the well in pic 2 to appear and build. Pic 2 is the offending party.
  9. Crashmo

    Unable to frame floor in lumber, only I joists

    Mick, Framing or Floor defaults, they are both the same in terms of how the program operates. I tried it to be sure. I just ran down the basement and measured them--7 1/4" joists. The house is 1936, so I'm sure that explains it. We are raising the house, excavating to make our 1/4 basement into a full basement living area, pouring new foundation and setting the house back down. These are the engineering drawings. Bill
  10. Crashmo

    Unable to frame floor in lumber, only I joists

    Thanks Eric and Mick. This was a tough one and NOT self evident. When I selected Defaults/Floor Structure, the type (lumber) was greyed out and unavailable to check. Hometalk 1 jpeg. I don't know why exactly, but I clicked on the second sizing box (2) under Layer which was set at 7". When I clicked on that box, the Structure Type then became active and changed to I Joist. Hometalk 2 jpeg. After I changed that to lumber all is good. Thank you for the guidance. Mystery detectives on the job. Bill
  11. When I generate the floor framing the program shows I joists, regardless of the fact that I specify lumber (fir studs 16" center) or default, which is supposed to be lumber--according to the reference manual. This is only true of the first floor framing, the second floor is lumber. I'm sure I am missing something. Any ideas would be helpful, thanks. Bill HD Pro 2014