Is there a normal printed manual for CA HD Pro 17?


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Hi All,

I have searched high and low for a printed manual and or a printed book I can purchase to fill in the gaps of what I don't know software wise. At the moment, I don't have a printer at home and going by what they charge to print, it would literally cost nearly $200 to have the reference manual that comes with the software via PDF form printed.

I have found a few books - see attachment, like this but it is for CA Professional X8. And since I don't know all the differences, I don't want to purchase something that has all different buttons, etc. The book is $75, which I can get no problem, it's just the idea of paying $200 to have something printed.

I have used the tutorials that CA offers but I was wanting a manual as well. Any ideas? Thoughts on that book being used for the Home Designer Pro version?

Thank you!


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Chief has many more features than Pro, but the basic functions are the same. 


If you are wanting to learn, I'd recommend watching every Home Designer video available on YouTube. 


I've noticed people sometimes want a step by step tutorial on a specific operation. My thought is to try and understand the basics -- the tools available, then apply that knowledge to the problem. Manual roofs are a good example. If you understand the basic functions -- placing a break, joining etc, then watch a few roof videos showing others using the tools, you should be able to apply that knowledge to your project.


Practice is also key. If you want to understand roofs, draw a bunch of them.

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Eric has the right idea, really learn how all the tools work and their settings and practice following your study sessions. Once you really know what you have you then develop the judgement of knowing what the software can do and how you can get something emulated no matter the apparent limitations of the software. The main limitations are self generated and not actually "real".


I am completely self taught, I never attended a class or seminar. I have taught seminars for Chief Architect in Idaho, New Mexico and Texas none the less so I know what I am talking about. Is it "easy"? Well name anything worthwhile that was "easy". If you want to learn, you can. The place to start is the PDF Reference Manual and PDF Users Guide that install with your software found under the "Help" menu.



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