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I have a house that has a mansard roof over the main area, a flat roof over an addition, and a hip roof over the garage.  I am having trouble getting these in place.  Right now I can't get the hip roof over the garage as there is a generated wall that affects the garage roof.  There is nothing above the garage.  I have attached the plan and a picture.  Any help would be appreciated.





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I looked at the picture you posted and didn't read.


Very strange on the roof.


Select the top left garage window and copy it.


Turn on Auto Rebuild Roofs. Grab the wall with the garage door and drag it back towards the house so the garage is 8 feet or so deep. 


Go to the 2nd floor and delete the gable wall that was over the garage door wall.


Go to 1st floor and drag the garage door wall back. The roof should be fixed.


Paste>Paste Hold Position to put the window back.

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I tried your suggestion.  After I delete the wall on the second floor, as I drag the garage wall back, it does have a hip roof up to a length of 11 feet.  After that point, the generated wall re-appears and the garage is a gable roof again.  


Thanks for trying.

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What is it your trying to do?  The plan I uploaded is your original plan, the garage is fixed. The difference with this one is you added a window.



Further, you should send this to Tech support. There's a attic wall that just won't go away, it's gabled, but none of the walls in the plan are.


solver in Suite you can't do manual editing of roofs like you can in Pro.

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The Tools>Display Options dialog just controls the display of various layers. 


Open a plan, then open the dialog. Find a line with a red + and a check mark to its right. Uncheck it, close the dialog, and whatever you unchecked will no longer be displayed. 


You can only edit something that is displayed.


At some point, Tomathome drew a Gable/Roof line above that garage wall. That line tells the program to create a gable wall regardless of any other settings. He needs to delete that line, and to do so, needs to make it visible.


If you don't understand, download the plan he posted above and see for yourself.

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For second time you CANNOT do that in Suite you can view it and that's it.


Go back and read what I wrote then you will understand.


If the OP could undo what S/he did, then why come to the forum looking for advice to fix the problem?


Suite's display options box is totally different from Pro. You can check/uncheck that's it. In Pro you have alot more options.


It seems as though you are copying and then pasteing your response, without having read what was said.


In Suite you cannot manually edit or delete roof panes, gable lines, wall layers etc:

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  • Solution

Tom and Law -- You are correct, I was wrong.


I downloaded the trial of Suite this morning so I could see what you do.


Here is your model, fixed in Suite 2016.




Go to Edit>Delete Objects


Select CAD and CAD, then Delete. Build the roof.



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I also noticed Room Dividers located in and around the plan -- circled in red. I might delete the ones that are not needed.


And walls that do not align -- shown in green squares. 


There are also walls above that do not align with those below, which they typically do.


I have found that attention to small details like these will result in a model with fewer problems.


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Your Welcome, I like the Gables over the windows, how did you do that?



solver, you were not wrong with the solutions to fix the problem, just the wrong software to do it.


Since you downloaded the Trial version you will see Suite's limitations.

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