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    Law and Eric, Thank you both very much. Being new to this, I really appreciate it.
  2. Tomathome


    LawB10 is right. I have no idea how I added the gable, but I did display it and it can't be deleted. I was considering upgrading to Pro, that may be best. Thank you both for your help.
  3. Tomathome


    Thanks Eric, but I do not believe that Home Designer Suite 2016 gives me the ability to display layers
  4. Tomathome


    Eric, I tried your suggestion. After I delete the wall on the second floor, as I drag the garage wall back, it does have a hip roof up to a length of 11 feet. After that point, the generated wall re-appears and the garage is a gable roof again. Thanks for trying.
  5. Tomathome


    LawB10 - Thanks for making the changes, they look great. Eric, thanks for your reply. I did change the garage ceiling to 100" but I still get a gable (vs hip) roof.
  6. Tomathome


    It is Home Designer Suite 2016.
  7. Tomathome


    Hi I have a house that has a mansard roof over the main area, a flat roof over an addition, and a hip roof over the garage. I am having trouble getting these in place. Right now I can't get the hip roof over the garage as there is a generated wall that affects the garage roof. There is nothing above the garage. I have attached the plan and a picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Untitled71.plan
  8. Tomathome


    I am very new to CA. I have attached a house design (hopefully I attached it correctly). I am trying to move the wall of the addition on the firstfloor in the back of the house (i.e to make the kitchen wider) about 1.5 feet. When I do, I get a lot of strange generated walls and different roof planes that really messes up the design. I am not sure what to do. ThanksUntitled 16 (2).zip