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  1. solver

    Wall issue - inside out

    Thanks for reporting back Jason. So many come, ask a question or 2, then disappear. We never know if we helped. You will have a nice place there when complete.
  2. solver

    Ceiling Over rafters Not Under ?

    I don't believe you can show the roof structure you describe in framing view. You should be able to define a roof structure just like defining a wall, but I don't believe you can. You can show something similar from inside.
  3. solver

    Where is the file with sinks, tubs showers and toilets

    View>Library Browser or Ctrl+L
  4. solver

    Can't build stairway between split levels correctly

    Please add the product and version you are using to your signature as they all have different capabilities. Try creating a recess for the lower stairs to go into. 3 walls to form a room.
  5. solver

    Different surface materials on lower portion of wall

    Do you have Wall Covering? Or Pony Walls
  6. solver

    Can't get stairs to lock to a landing

    Delete what you have. draw the two stair sections, then just click where the landing should be and one will be placed automatically.
  7. solver

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    I did not catch you were doing them with soffits. Framing view won't help.
  8. solver

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    Could you show a framing view?
  9. solver

    Corner Fireplace

    Have you checked the library?
  10. solver

    Group Selecting to make a group

    Could you reference the Reference Manual and the link to a video? I've done entire kitchens, and groups of furniture, but not windows.
  11. solver

    Will Home Designer Pro work for my needs?

    I agree with Robyn. Chief has trial versions for all the products, and an easy upgrade path to the more expensive titles. I chose Pro over the other Home Designer options because it does what I need and the others did not. I also considered Chief Premier, but could not justify the cost difference.
  12. solver

    which Windows program to switch to?

    I'm happy with 8.1. I use a program called Start8 that makes it more like 7.
  13. solver

    Group Selecting to make a group

    I don't think you can do this with Pro. You need to be able to add items to a group and then save the group to the library.
  14. solver

    Roof Issues (at least for a newbie)

    For the missing gable wall -- delete the invisible wall on the second floor and it will rebuild correctly. That's the way ceiling height is set for this type of structure -- raising it after building the roof.
  15. solver

    Variations in footings a slab plus piers

    After building the foundation, I deleted the parts I did not want -- forgot to include that above. Then specified a slab in the garage. Changed the slab height to lower it. You could also specify no floor, and draw in a slab.
  16. solver

    Variations in footings a slab plus piers

    Like this? Turn on the slab, then build the foundation.
  17. solver

    How to copy plans?

    File > Save As
  18. solver

    Variations in footings a slab plus piers

    What is your "pier construction"? You might have a slab or grade beam on piers, or piers that protrude from the ground with beams on top.
  19. solver

    Wall issue - inside out

    Delete that roof plane. Add the walls -- railing, room divider etc that enclose the open area left of the small garage. You may adjust the ceiling height of this space which will control the roof. Now add a manual roof plane starting at the railing wall on the left. Drag it up so it connects with the wall on the large garage. Size as needed. If you double click on a roof plane you get its Roof Plane Specification dialog where you may change settings.
  20. solver

    Backsplash above cooktop & below hood

    Buzz -- If you will add your title (Suite, Pro etc) to your signature, it will help us give better comments, and save us from providing answers for the different versions as they have different capabilities.
  21. solver

    Backsplash above cooktop & below hood

    If you don't have a Custom Backsplash tool (found under the Cabinet tools) try a Soffit. It may be reshaped and covered with a material of your choice.
  22. solver

    Wall ghost with Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom

    @DJP This image shows the upper wall sitting on the main roof plane. Is this what your were referring to?
  23. Image 2 shows the problem. Can this unfilled space be eliminated via a setting? Is this a bug?
  24. solver

    Wall issue - inside out

    @DJP Placed a garage door in the wall. Notice how the dashed outline representing the door in its up position is outside the building? Here is the outside wall after adding the garage door. That window in in the attic, so what is it doing there? There is no attic as all rooms have no ceiling. Windows also go in backwards on some walls, like the window on the far right that you corrected in your video (which is also in the attic). This is what the OP was asking about, and why I suggested redrawing.
  25. solver

    Wall issue - inside out

    Here is a quick video. Needs to be unzipped.