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  1. David I set the wall studs to 90 x 35 but the bridging stayed at 90 x 38.
  2. Thanks Guys, for your assistance manual it is. Can not use object eye dropper as it changes the length to the original object. I find they call it "bridging" in the software
  3. Solver please see attached 30 Murphy Street.plan
  4. Here is a pic of the item i want to change the size of.
  5. SOlver Yes Blocking in the wall, what we call in Oz Noggin. The timber that is in between the studs aprox half way up. Not sure how to post, could you explain how to.
  6. Hi I am in Australia and sizing of framing is generaly 90 x 35mm and 90 x 45mm. i have managed to change most but can not figure out how to change the noggin (blocking) size. I have waided through the framing specifications but can not find this.
  7. Solver Please find attached pool house I am playing with. Trebs Pool House _rev1.plan
  8. Hi I have created a custom material for wall studs, (I am in Australia) and called it "Pine Structural MGP10" this material is for structural wall studs 90mm x 35mm When I produce a material list for the design I only get "Fir Stud" not "Pine Structural MGP10". This is really annoying as I want to use the list and send to my supplier and have modify manually at present. Could some please help me to see if there is a way to do this??
  9. mayall

    external wall lines

    David, thank you for the info it work a treat, appreciate you help. I did post earlier but I must not of hit the post button. sorry
  10. mayall

    external wall lines

    David thanks for this, but have already turned all layers on, went into define walls and cannot get the walls to turn on, I have opened another plan and walls turn on. I am missing something????
  11. mayall

    external wall lines

    Hi I have upgraded to 2015 from 2014, my external wall line have disappeared and I can not figue out why. does anyone have a suggestion. I am assuming it is a setting I am missing.
  12. Elovia This worked great thanks
  13. I have tried both option and must be doing something wrong. when i isert a custom couter top the old disapears but when i start to modify it the old comes back. i have been playing with this for a day know with no glory
  14. K, using pro, 2015
  15. Hi, looking for help with inserting a sketch up sink into counter top, when i insert it does not cut hole in counter top so end up with sink with a counter top in it.