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  1. Simple. Make the wall elevation. Then Ctrl+U to send to layout. Then click and drag the elevation in the layout to clip it. ETA: I made a quick screen cast to show what I am saying:
  2. I need to remove the floor from this railing, and bring it to the top of the ceiling. Help?!
  3. I just don't want to spend the cash on CAP when I am gong to use BIM features in Revit. Hmm.
  4. Not quite what I am needing, but thanks. Figuring out how to import and move it around in HDPro now.
  5. Contemplating purchasing Revit for new office- Have older version but considering the newer since we utilize Autodesk software in our office. However, I am preferring HDPro over Revit. Our old Revit crashes frequently and I've not experienced similar issues with HD Pro. HD Pro is "customer friendly" in the sense that I can show them changes much faster, which they like. However, I am NOT a fan of the renders HD Pro generates. Has anyone had luck designing with HD Pro and importing into Revit to utilize mental ray and the "new" Raytracer? ETA: We are using Home Designer Pro (2016) on our laptops and loving it. Faster, etc. Eventually we want to get Chief Architect Premier, but I can get an upgrade package from Autodesk cheaper right now.
  6. XYZ should work the same as 3D CAD right? I'll just throw a triangle in to test it out first.
  7. Good deal! I was hoping that'd work. Downloading Sketchup now. Thanks so much!
  8. Great thanks. I have never been hip to the Sketchup scene, for some reason it's always been difficult for me to model with sketchup. Unsure why, but it's been on my "learn this soon" list for a few years now. Maybe now is the time to learn. Grasping at straws here - I could likely draw in AutoCAD and import that into Sketchup, you think? I will try and see how it goes. Will be worth it for the client and myself if I figure this out. Entire city block to build homes and ADU's. Maybe then I'll buy CA Thanks so much.
  9. When I import from SKP is it editable, or do I need to create it to the exact dims, do you know?
  10. Here are some images:
  11. So export my HDP, open in sketchup, create the trim, and then reimport into HDP?
  12. Switched to Home Designer Pro 2016 from (Vanilla) AutoCAD to be able to do in-home design consultation with clients. As many of us know, more and more clients "want it now" and like to see "real life" renderings. That being said, we are currently working on an entire city block for a single customer. Great right? Well, the problem is that they LOVE gingerbread trim. I've been piddling away all day trying to find something in this program that allows me to add it. Is it here, or is it something found in CA only? CA's not in the budget just yet. Thanks.