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  1. I ran into a problem trying to move an object (cabinet) through a very large doorway into another room. There was more than enough space, but it would not let me move it through or enlarge it so that it went through the door way. I don't know if it was the different room or the doorway. I tried holding the control key down while doing this, but it made no different. I have Home designer but am thinking of upgrading to architect. Thanks in advance! Roger
  2. TallRoger

    Help! I lost my drawing!

    I thought everything was OK. Built a room and went to 3d. Came back and I can't find the room! I'm someplace on this space x -43356 y 5296 0 WTF! It's just a 9x12 foot room! How can I find it? Roger
  3. TallRoger

    Plan size

    Yea, I know where the zoom buttons are, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean the overall size. Like how big it is when you zoom all the way out. The overall size is huge. Like hundreds of feet in each direction. Can't I limit the size to say 10 by 20 feet so if I zoom all the way out all I see it the room, not the universe! Roger
  4. TallRoger

    Plan size

    Brand new here. Watched videos, but still can't figure out one simpel thing. How do I set the size of the project. I'm working on a room only 9*12 and the screen is set for a project hundreds of feet. Can't I tell it a size for my project? thanks, Roger