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  1. Thank you so much guys. Mark
  2. Thank you Eric, now I have to ask how? I have looked in all the dimension sections and I don't see it. Thanks again Mark
  3. Hello, I am using HDP 2016 and have not used it in about 6 months. I recall that the length of a wall would display when drawing and now it is not displaying that. I have tried resetting the defaults but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Mark
  4. Thank you it. Mark
  5. Hello, I am hoping someone can tell me how to set a slab with an angled portion. I have used the slab tool to place sidewalk in an area but can't figure out how to do anything but 90 degree corners. I would like to run a specific length and then make a 45 degree turn for another distance. Thanks for any suggestions. I am using HDP 2016. Mark
  6. MFDChief

    Newbie Questions

    There is a learning curve to both. I have been using Sketchup for about 4 years and think I watched every You Tube video made. I was used to the way it worked and still like some of its features better than HDP. I made the switch because a builder friend of mine was using Chief Architect Preimer and I was impressed by it. Since I only model as a hobby, I couldn't justify the price of that so I opted for HDP 2016. My struggle in the above post was completely my impatience and not watching and learning from the videos. I then was still remembering how I would do something in Sketchup and getting frustrated. I slowed down and watched several of the videos and read the Knowledge Base and now feel more comfortable with the program. HDP does more things automatically,where in Sketchup I would pretty much build things from the ground up which takes more time. All in all I really like HDP for house modeling but will continue to use Sketchup to model other things. Hope that helps. Mark
  7. MFDChief

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks Eric, Makes more sense to me now. I did reset my toolbars and found the stair well tool. I got pretty handy with Sketchup and think I have been over thinking HDP. Like my profile says, I'm trying to learn a new trick. Thanks again. Mark
  8. MFDChief

    Newbie Questions

    Eric, For some reason I can't seem to duplicate the settings in the example you posted for me. I printed off the room settings for each floor and try to set them like your example and it seems like a default resets them. I have tried unchecking the defaults but no luck. For example the 4' stem wall for the foundation will not stay set. I draw walls on level 1 as foundation walls selected from the wall drop down. (The 2nd floor wall type I messaged you about seems to be ok now) I also do not seem to have the stair well tool or am not looking in the right place. Attached is my lasted attempt. Thanks for your help. Mark Cabin2.plan
  9. MFDChief

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks Eric, Got the dormer issue fixed by moving it up...didn't notice it was beyond the lower wall. I'll keep plugging away at the other issues in the next couple of days. Thanks again. Mark
  10. MFDChief

    Newbie Questions

    Hello, I am very new to HDP and have attempted to model our cottage that occasionally floods along the Mississippi River. What we have is essentially an above ground basement with garage doors on each end to allow flood water to run through. The concrete walls are 8 ft high with the cottage build above. I have a few issues that I would appreciate some advice on. First off I probably didn't model it correctly using an 8 ft. foundation wall because when I add terrain, it sets it at the top of the wall and I can't seem to get a slab floor to work in the lower level, again it sets it at the top of the foundation. I also can not seem to make a stair well to the second (or third level in reality) and lastly the window in my dormer is opaque. With all these issues, the model really does look pretty much like the real thing, except for finishes. I'm sure everything can be attributed to "pilot error" but I would like use to software correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully I attached my plan correctly. Thank You. Mark Home Designer Pro 2016 Cabin1.plan
  11. Jo_Ann, Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try.
  12. Ok thank you, I have to say I'm a little surprised that $500.00 software doesn't preform as well as the free version of SU. Still a great program and impressed with the capabilities. Thanks again... Mark
  13. Here is a quick example of what I am referring to. To me the roof almost appears as a slight trapezoid. I know its not but it looks that way to me. As I mentioned I don't get that appearance in Sketch up so I wanted to make sure that I don't have a hardware problem of some sort. If this is normal then no problem. Thanks for any suggestions. Mark
  14. Eric, I will try to get something posted over the weekend. Thanks.
  15. Hi, VERY new user so excuse me if this has been discussed. I have been using Sketchup for a few years and have a fairly good handle on it and thought it was time to learn something new. When I create a simple rectangular structure in HDP 2016, add a roof and then view it in 3d, it looks distorted. For example one wall appears shorter than another but when I orbit around it seems to vary in which element is distorted. I am questioning my hardware but when I create the very same model in Sketchup, everything appears plumb and square. Thanks for any advice. Mark Home Designer Pro 2016