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  1. gave me the solution. I needed to make the left room ceiling lower to separate it from the right side.
  2. The end wall was already full gable but removing the high gable on the side walls improved dramatically but changed the front left of the house to a gable. I am trying to post the picture. But it is much improved. Many thanks.
  3. I do not seem to be able to reproduce this roof which has a different front and back The back is a regular low pitch gable roof while the front has 2 inverted shed roofs. I have just purchased Studio and dowloaded Architect trial to see if it would help but lack of knowledge could be the issue. As per one of the videos, I have added a wall in the garage and removed the roof from the space create. Change the wall "roof" parameter to high gable and I was able to create the 2 inverted front shed roofs. But I have no clue as to make a regular low pitch roof in the back. Can anyone guide me in the right direction. I have included some pictures. Hope you can see them Roof satellite view.tiff Pink House Original.plan