Terrain nightmare


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I am using Home Designer Architectural 2017 and am totally stuck for terrain. Included in the zip is plan, images, textures, and a pdf of elevation and measurements.

When we moved here 3 years ago, no plans were included so I bought Home Designer, nice change from Broderbunds 3D Home Architect Deluxe, which I was still using to that point.

I am only a DIY'er not pro, took a little drafting in school some 45 years ago, so using this software is a blessing, but terrain is a curse.

Right now in the plan I have the terrain pulled back so I could do the landscape walls at the edges of the driveway. Also included is a image of the front garden I am trying to replicate in HDA 2017. BTW I am upgrading to HDA 2021 in about 3 weeks, I noticed too many changes not too.

Please help.

skalynuik 10062020.zip

Front Yard 02.png

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Yes, you have created a nightmare.

mistake #1: Elevation lines and regions can not overlap each other.
mistake #2 : Using a terrain wall when you should have used a terrain RETAINING wall.

Terraced driveway side suggestion:  If you don't want to recreate with a retaining wall, then get the terrain as close as possible. Fudge the rest by covering up the terrain dips  with slabs or 'garden features' (disguised slabs).

Driveway far sideDelete the terrain wall sections (stepped brick wall), and draw in a terrain RETAINING wall.   Recreate the stepped brick wall  (along side of the retaining wall) using soffits or closed box shapes (they have no 'wall definition').  Block the sections together, then ctrl / drag them into position over the retaining wall  (concealing it).


image.thumb.png.a0717015e07dd57c25fb9f80af93f301.png   image.thumb.png.4df798c6e583f818c0286c37151df550.png   image.thumb.png.5514a63d4824b2f03628500ebc9825f1.png

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By the ???, I guess more info required.

That sidewalk that goes from the back starting at the pool runs along the house to the front top of stairs, I tried using  a sidewalk, but its all wavy, I know Home Designer is not Chief Architect but I was just wondering if HD allows sloping concrete pads, or should I use a soffit? The slope is about 5 to 6 inches lower in the front. I will post a final image of the house when I am done, just a couple more measurements for the garden, but it looks way better the before your images inspiration.

Again Thank-you

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Thank-you all. The Mostly completed view of our house using Home Designer Architectural 2017.

The sidewalk on the left from back to front at a slope, I used a soffit, sloped 5 inches over the 40', the garden walls and the driveway wall to the left are all slabs, using absolute for reference, the driveway wall does have a 1" retaining wall to the left which worked for the effect we have currently on the property.

So again, thank-you for your help.

I should be getting Home Designer 2021 Architectural by Nov 8th, wife says a early Christmas present, I can't wait to see the changes in the program.

House from Front Left.jpg

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