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  1. Oh yea, forgot those cap stones, thanx, and yes right now the pool is flat, I have to make it 20'x40', 3 ' deep shallow end, 9.5' Deep end, and 1 cake stairs in the corner.
  2. Thank-you all. The Mostly completed view of our house using Home Designer Architectural 2017. The sidewalk on the left from back to front at a slope, I used a soffit, sloped 5 inches over the 40', the garden walls and the driveway wall to the left are all slabs, using absolute for reference, the driveway wall does have a 1" retaining wall to the left which worked for the effect we have currently on the property. So again, thank-you for your help. I should be getting Home Designer 2021 Architectural by Nov 8th, wife says a early Christmas present, I can't wait to see the changes in the program.
  3. By the ???, I guess more info required. That sidewalk that goes from the back starting at the pool runs along the house to the front top of stairs, I tried using a sidewalk, but its all wavy, I know Home Designer is not Chief Architect but I was just wondering if HD allows sloping concrete pads, or should I use a soffit? The slope is about 5 to 6 inches lower in the front. I will post a final image of the house when I am done, just a couple more measurements for the garden, but it looks way better the before your images inspiration. Again Thank-you
  4. Thank-you Jo-Ann, you images helped a lot. For the sidewalk to the left of the house running back to front, top of the stairs, is there a way to make a slab slope, because a sidewalk follows terrain to much?
  5. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2017 and am totally stuck for terrain. Included in the zip is plan, images, textures, and a pdf of elevation and measurements. When we moved here 3 years ago, no plans were included so I bought Home Designer, nice change from Broderbunds 3D Home Architect Deluxe, which I was still using to that point. I am only a DIY'er not pro, took a little drafting in school some 45 years ago, so using this software is a blessing, but terrain is a curse. Right now in the plan I have the terrain pulled back so I could do the landscape walls at the edges of the driveway. Also included is a image of the front garden I am trying to replicate in HDA 2017. BTW I am upgrading to HDA 2021 in about 3 weeks, I noticed too many changes not too. Please help. skalynuik
  6. Oh yes, roof , 7' ceiling in basement -48" below grade, plus 8' ceiling main floor equals about 11'1" for roof soffit overhang, which is where it should be at.
  7. Roof is a hip roof and was correct from the beginning, you changed the heights of the entrys using default, thats screwed things up a bit. As to unchecking defaults, I did not uncheck any default boxes, during the making of this plan. I designed floor 1 first -48 to the floor surface, this is the basement level. I then added floor 2 main floor, where front entry is 8" above grade and rear door is 2" above grade, thats why the stairs inside front door leading upto hallway, and rear landing at door going up to door landing connected to floor 2 hall, but also descending to basement from rear door, thats why the floor height settings,. And grade is entirly flat for the whole yard. Your video did help me though.
  8. Floor 1 is the basement, floor 2 is the main floor, that's why the garage is off floor 2. Nothing is below floor 1 except the foundation. Garage is on a slab, that's why no floor 1 below garage. Although your video explains a bit, thank-you.
  9. Ceiling heights on the floor 2 are supposed to be 8', they do not show or are not 8' in the plan, they seem or appear much taller in perspective view, way too much space between top of windows and lower edge of the roof.. Also, is there a better way to do both the front and back stairs as there is supposed to be open or usable storage space under both. Thank-you for the info on the align walls.
  10. We live in a raised ranch style home and no plans exists that we can find, so using Home Designer Architectural 2017 I made this attached plan, but stairs are a problem, back door and ceiling heights do not work either. To clear things up front door is 8" off ground and back door is 2" off ground, yard is flat no elevation change, basement floor is 48" below grade with 7' ceilings, main floor is 8' ceilings. Basement stairs are 5 steps then landing (Back door) and 5 steps then landing (Main floor). I have tried everything I can think of but no luck. Also as a side not I used to use 3D Home Architect Deluxe 4, and it had a Build floor->Add Above or Add below option, I miss that. Also I used to be able to click on a wall and a Align with lower floor wall was a option but not in this HDA 2017, I miss that too. Anyways thanks for any assistance. 68 Elizabeth Street (Primary).plan
  11. Thank-you for all the help. Not sure what the trouble was, but everything worked smooth as silk this morning in the open properties menu - sloped soffit. But I did reboot last night. Everything I tried even before I asked how to, worked now. Weird but I accept it
  12. Your right sorry Home Designer Architectural 2017
  13. I can rotate the beams from the plan, but thats only from top down view, I need to do it from side view, its a difference of elevation from front to back by 2 feet. They are 14 foot 2x8's, 11 feet high at the house sloping down to 9 feet, and there's 4 of them. Unless I miss your instructions.
  14. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2017 to design a sloped pergola, but cannot get the soffits to slope or angle. I want to slope soffits from 11 feet at the house to 9 feet at the outside edge of the deck, so a 2 foot drop over 14 feet. If I click sloped soffit in the open properties, I just get a rather large rectangle no slope at all. To me there should be a rotate triangle, if selected and viewed from the side, but there is not. The thing is using a 2016 trial of this program I was somehow able to slope the soffits, but now can not figure out how, and the trial did not allow saving I could only screen capture and print. Any ideas, please? Attached is the screen capture, how did I alter the slope of the soffits, anyone?