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  1. Close the plan in HD2021...make sure it is less than 25meg....attach to a new reply...send...
  2. ricatic

    Attic Truss Help

    Andy I built a second floor and opened the stairwell...I patched together the end walls to show the room...I did not delve into all the defaults or any of the manual roof work you have done...maybe this will give you a starting point... Regards 5-pier plan lacking attic trusses-2.plan
  3. ricatic

    Attic Truss Help

    Hi Andy I opened your plan and do not see any 2nd floor at all...what are you thinking about for a floor plan upstairs...need a second floor layout to get started down the road to trusses... I will pass on a bit of advice I was given by DJP...don't get lost in trying to build attic trusses...Chief does not provide engineered trusses...only artwork...the truss mfg will be the final arbiter as to what you end up with for room width...roof pitch will determine the ceiling height...a stick built frame up of the second floor will provide an approximate room size... Edit: I would like to expand on my comment about DJP’s advice. As an experienced constructor, it was difficult for me to step away from “truss” design. I wanted to have a somewhat accurate idea about what size room was available after truss design. Just last week I had a design discussion with the truss supplier. He provided information I was not cognizant of about scissor and vault type trusses that did make sense but was in conflict with my design needs...in the design I am working with now, I wanted a half vault ceiling with a 9 pitch roof and a six pitch ceiling plane...not possible for reasons which I was unaware...so 4 pitch is what we get...this is caused because the truss at 38’ span and 9 pitch has to be a piggy back design...I only bring this up because Andy’s 12 pitch with a 36’ span will likely trigger a similar result...likely but not certainly...only the truss builder really knows...hope this helps and not confuses... Hoping this helps Regards Rick
  4. ricatic


    Eric Many thanks again for all you do to help on this site (and on Chief talk)... Keeping in mind that I am a construction guy and not too computer savvy, I have to confess that I have no idea how to accomplish what you suggested... Regards Rick
  5. ricatic


    The new computer is surely a big part of how happy I am with the upgrade. With that being said, I have been working with HD2021 for a couple of weeks now...I am pleased with the changes discovered to date...others have already covered some of the upgrades but here is my take... The new roof plane/ceiling plane tool is worth the upgrade cost. Much simpler to understand and implement The new rail menu is really nice once you unlearn old habits. Options make more sense. The print options are better but still no automatic way to print 11 x 17...I built a custom template Material changes appear to be easier...but maybe I am just developing better skills The new stair tool is easier to use and understand The see through walls option is cool IMO...the upgrade was well worth the price... Regards Rick
  6. ricatic

    Floor Questions

    Andy I spent a little time turning the floor joists 90 degrees and adding structure to support the floor...you will find the design on the foundation level. See the notes for criteria. Google attic trusses and you will see what they look like... a change in pitch to 10/12 or 12/12 will add considerable second floor space with 8' ceiling with no worries about long floor joist spans...the attic truss provides the floor joist system In looking at the room labels I assume the small room in the master bath is a water closet room and the room behind it is a walk in closet...I do not see any closet space allocated in the other 2 bedrooms. I poked around a bit and find some issues with the way the walls and roof are drawn. You have walls sticking through the roof among other things. It will take a bit of work to remediate these issues...not a problem.. converting the roof framing to trusses will help with those issues... I see the default ceilings are flat at 9'...are there any vaulted or cathedral ceilings desired...just need a bit of direction and some time... If you would like to collaborate on the design...call me at 248 918 7973...my wife is recovering from surgery at the hospital so I have some time....I will take my laptop with me... Regards Rick 9-pier foundation and floor revised.plan
  7. ricatic

    Floor Questions

    Andy Are you open to turning the stairs 90 degrees with the upper landing being in basically the same spot? Without room labels it is hard to determine your room usage thoughts. What are your plans for the 2nd story...How do you propose to carry the floor joists. When using reference layers I do not see any bearing wall under the left side of the floor joists...if your plan is to only use the width shown, I would use attic trusses..just a rough calculation but you would end up with a room with the 8' flat ceiling in the center is about 8' wide...change the roof pitch to 9" and you pick up additional width at very little additional cost... Let me know your thoughts and I will help you work on the design... Regards Rick
  8. ricatic

    Floor Questions

    Andy 1. Yes, otherwise you have an asymmetric load or shear plane on the pier 2. Yes, because you are running the stairs 90 degrees to the floor joists, all the joists butting into the girders at the stairs need to have engineered joist hangers...same thing for 2nd level ceiling joists 3. Not without having the entire drawing for review Microlam beams can be used in lieu of either the 3 ply 2x12 girder or a steel beam. This layout screams for an i joist floor system. The layout from the supplier will show full length i joists spread across the length of the foundation with proper length doublers/triplers adjacent to and straddling the main joist. All the lap joints in the center of the structure are eliminated. If you have not ever used i joists, you will be amazed at how straight and flat the floor will be; provided you do your job installing them. Rim joist can be either engineered material or dimensional lumber. Layout plans and engineering info should be supplied by supplier...same for any trusses you use Regards Rick
  9. ricatic

    Floor Questions

    I will see if I can help...with what I see in the attached pdf, two things jump out at me...but first a question or two...is this a ranch type single story house on a crawl space or basement...I will continue with that scenario in mind... Your inspector is not empowered to stipulate the pier locations...your load bearing beam determines the maximum span...he can though be a PITA...signed engineered drawings trump his authority... What are you using to carry the joists in the middle...a properly sized steel beam can easily span 12 feet... Have you considered using I Joists for the floor joists...a 11.5 inch I Joist can span over 17 feet and you can get them in 2’ increments up to 40 feet long...in my experience, like the roof trusses, the truss designers will size the I Joist correctly and provide engineered layouts Hope this helps...any other questions please ask... Regards Rick
  10. ricatic


    Thanks...only place I didn't look...There is a 2 page thread on Chief Talk about this subject...after reading through the thread I see where it is not as big an issue as I thought it might be...the solutions are not as direct as the original copy/paste in place tool but are adequate... still learning a ton everyday...great program for what I am doing at this time...like HDbyJustin, I am only a couple or three good jobs from taking the big step to CA Premiere Regards Rick
  11. ricatic


    I bought a new computer (see signature). The 6 year old laptop slows to a crawl when you start any detailing or the terrain perimeter. I decided to upgrade to HD2021 at the same time. Observations so far are quite satisfactory. The new print parameters are one of the main reasons I upgraded. The new stair tools are nice but took a few minutes to understand how to use the new tools. I have not used the new cabinet tools or the waterfall countertop but they look promising...the same goes for the new roof pivot tool. I looked at it and some of the dialog box choices have changed. I am working with a new client and the roof tools will certainly come into play.I will update this commentary at that time One tool that is no longer in the open item toolbar is the "copy/paste in place" option. I used that tool quite often in HD2020 and will miss it...edit: after more use and some advice given below, this is a very small issue at best. It just requires a bit of adjustment to the mindset... Regards Rick
  12. ricatic

    Spinning a rendering as an animation

    I have found that with a bit of try and try again I can get the rotation speed way down...i just drag it like I just want to move it a bit and after a couple of drags it spins real slow...its easy to get it to spin fast... Regards Rick
  13. Eric ...so there is really no disadvantage in this particular plan...I am already working the terrain numbers using Level 0...it.s just a numbers game...in the future I will make sure terrain is built on Level 1... This little exercise has answered a question formed during watching various terrain videos. I noticed a wide swing in elevation numbers from video to video...this helps understand why... Thanks again for all you do here...you make a big difference and alleviate some serious stress... Regards Rick
  14. Eric I didn't realize that the terrain would be at level 0. Is that typical or did a setting value someplace in the defaults cause this to be at that level? I have not seen that situation previously Thanks
  15. Ok...I now have the structure how I want but when I tried to work on the terrain there is not a visible editable terrain perimeter.When in 3D the terrain perimeter seems to be there When selecting any of the terrain tools, including the data tools, all are inoperative. I have built terrain previously. I have tried all the settings, saved and renamed the plan to protect the design. I reset all the defaults. There is still no visible terrain perimeter thus no way that I see to build the walkout terrain. To test the settings in place, I opened a new drawing, drew a simple box structure and checked for a terrain perimeter. It is there and functional. I have attached both files Help please Regards Rick Kingston Ranch Walkout Truss and Ceiling.plan Terrain test.plan