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  1. Use the display options tool to turn off roof planes...
  2. ricatic

    Figuring out object placement...

    You did not say which product you are using but you can use a CAD line drawn at the center lines...dimensions love to snap to CAD lines...
  3. ricatic

    Overlapping Textures

    I had the same issues...Solver gave me a tip about this being caused by 2 different exterior wall surfaces applied to the same wall...he showed me the pony wall fix and the "ghosting" disappeared...hope this helps... OTOH...your attempt to model such an elegant and diverse model and floor plan gets a big thumbs up!!! Regards Rick
  4. ricatic

    Best source for learning to use Home Designer Pro 2020

    I just registered for the terrain webinar...looking forward to seeing how the programmers are thinking...
  5. ricatic

    Best source for learning to use Home Designer Pro 2020

    Welcome to the terrain frustration club...even with over 50 years of playing with the dirt on job sites, I too find the terrain building process to be quite a bit less than intuitive..but here is my take on it...IMO, and I have done it both ways, I find no advantage in building terrain first...too many variables as the plan develops...especially when dealing with sloped terrain and a walkout basement.... With help from others on the site I have been able to fight my way through the maze...understanding how different dialog box choices affect the outcome is paramount to getting satisfactory results...The terrain specifications "flatten" terrain checkbox has a big effect on how the terrain follows the building...JOAnne helped me with that one...but conversely the 'flatten terrain region" checkbox kind of works in a different manner...I have battled the jumping up and down of adjacent terrain regions and found that adjusting the subfloor height works better than trying to chase the terrain when it jumps... Please post the plan so we can see what it actually looks like and hopefully you can provide some input into what you are looking for in the end result... Hope this helps a little... Regards Rick
  6. ricatic

    Home Designer Pro Stuctural design

    Tyler The software is for graphic representation of building design...Depending on the code jurisdiction, engineered systems such as beams, trusses and engineered floor systems may/will require sealed drawings and layouts from a structural engineer licensed in your state. Some areas have stricter regulations on what can be built without any type of sealed drawings...for instance...in the areas I design in, most any residential structure under 3500 sq feet requires no engineering for basements and framing unless trusses or floor systems are used...typical construction standards of design and workmanship need to be met...additional software would be needed but sealed drawings will like still be necessary... Regarding the truss/floor system engineering, sealed engineering drawings and layouts are provided by the truss supplier with the purchase of the product Hope this helps Regards Rick
  7. David Do you think my observation that the pictures on the internet don''t match the plans is correct...When I realized that little piece of information in the small print, the front wall height problem you so aptly described made more sense... The OP wanted the vault ceiling...as I mentioned earlier, I was easily able to create a 5/12 vault after fixing the ceiling heights...with your plan, am I seeing ceiling planes with a plate height of 12'... Regards
  8. David I looked at this plan last night. I changed the ceiling heights to all be 9' and then built ceiling planes under the great room roof...it built a perfectly centered vault ceiling like the OP requested...then I looked at the big picture and noticed the fine print that appears below the pretty pictures...it says the photographs may not be the same as the plan due to owner modifications...at my skill level it became 4th and 40...I punted...your tenacity is amazing...I learned a lot from this video...your abilities to interpret what you see in these projects and how to remedy the situation is uncanny...thanks for all you do!!! Regards Rick
  9. Is this the look you are seeking? If so...I deleted the room dividers...reset the garage floor and stem walls to -6" and used the slab tool to add a 6" curb at perimeter which brought it to floor level 0"... I moved your cars... Hope this helps Regards Rick Garage-Levels rev.plan
  10. Ok...I will stick my neck out a bit...you have received advice from two of the most generous helpers on the forum...Their wisdom and experience have helped so many... I, on the other hand am a “constructor” first and a software user with developing skills...as mentioned earlier, the accuracy of your model will absolutely determine the results of your material list... You do not tell us your experience or skill sets...they are extremely important to obtaining your definition of success...learning how the software interprets your inputs is the great trick...I have been building for over 50 years and designing on the drawing board almost as long...when on the board, I control the “ construction process” using my experiences to drive results...you will find that this is not how the program works...the info you enter for defaults is paramount to getting the model to look as you wish...my advice is to practice with the program with simple box building and change defaults to see their affects...you will likely have a few “ why did it do that” moments...use the contextual help offered by the use of the F1 key...it provides instant information about the operation you are attempting... Good luck , remember it is a dumb tool you are using and have a bit of fun Regards
  11. ricatic

    Terrain specialist needed-my head hurts

    Jo Anne Thanks so much for the tutorial...I never really wanted to use retaining walls...your advice on some grade changes and especially the unflatten pad tip were the game changers...voila... no retaining walls...I attached the plan again because I don't know the techniques for other attachments,,,maybe someone can help me learn them...it looks great and even has my RV pad included Once I got the elevations where you placed them...I used 50 years of playing in the dirt experience to manuever the elevation planes where I needed them...the couple of areas that still need a bit of attention can be fixed with a flat shovel and a rake... Thanks again Regards Rick Kingston_Ranch_WO_revision_2.plan
  12. I have been trying for many, many hours to build the needed walkout terrain plan for my own house project. I have read all the knowledge base articles and watched the videos...I have used elevation lines, areas, flat area modifiers and chants to the terrain gods...still can't get it anywhere close to right...I have 40 plus years of real world dirt experience...I could have done all the dozer work required to grade the site in the time I have spent working on this terrain model...the desired grade profile for the front and left side are acceptable...attempts to lower the grade for the walkout result in dislocation of the driveway elevation...creating a mini skateboard park...retaining walls were not originally part of the design but are acceptable...the flat area depicted with the hatched part between garage and house will provide a platform for the A/C compressor...any help will be much appreciated... Regards Rick Kingston_Ranch_WO_revision_2_terrain_questions.plan
  13. ricatic

    How to match roof gable lines

    I realize that the likes/dislikes poll is really meaningless as long as no decorum violations have been committed...somebody dinged me for my only post on this thread...why would you ding a member here for providing real world experiences to a new member? Someone who has asked for help in deciding which version to buy...the anonymous nature of the system encourages cowardice...whoops...might get dinged again... Regards Rick
  14. ricatic

    How to match roof gable lines

    thammond Welcome to the club and to this site...You will find that the experienced users of Chief Architect are excellent tutors and very giving of their time...I will offer this unsolicited opinion on the various versions of HD 2021... I am a very experienced constructor but a some what weak software guy.As I searched this forum prior to making my decision I quickly learned that to build models in the real world mode I needed to get HD2020Pro...Eric and DJP, two prolific tutors on this site can virtually build any model you can dream...and they understand how the tool works...and the steepest part of the learning curve is learning how the program does what it does...extensive construction knowledge does not always help you solve problems...you can't bully the software into "thinking" like you...conversely, when you gain experience, that knowledge allows you to look into the model and determine what is actually happening...good or bad... Without knowing your background but reading between the lines when you said you might have to build roofs manually, I think you would be better served by looking at the trial version of Pro...yes, it is more money but it does so much more...my 2 cents worth...donated for free Happy Trails in your search... Regards Rick
  15. ricatic

    Siding on gable end ghosting

    Thanks Eric...I did the corrections you suggested and they helped a lot...but in the process I noticed that the roof returns were set to flat...as soon as I set the returns to slope... I attacked the visual problem with the exposed framing by looking at how it was framed...I changed the fascia to 8.5 inches tall and the sub fascia to 7.25 inches...I then set the ceiling soffit height at 94"...exposed framing was gone and I had a nice looking reveal... I mean it when I say thank you to you and the other experts on this site for your help... Regards Rick