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  1. Good Morning The reason the rooms do not locate is because several walls in your file were checked no locate and no room definition. I just unchecked them as you can see if you compare the two files Roof could not auto build for two reasons. First, the entire wall along the right side does not align. I deleted the wall and redrew it so it planes the entire length. This added the new room/ section in line where your balcony is located. I then broke the wall at the balcony area and made the wall invisible in that location, Keep in mind that roofs build over rooms and your file has no room in that area.You will need to delete the base molding in that little invisible room or it shows in 3D. Column size and spacing is set in the rail dbx so you need to do the math to set them in place...or...you edit the dbx so no rails, balusters and newels are shown and then manually place the components I did not evaluate the framing. Too many differences in how framers work from region to region and building codes etc.to be helpful. Hope this helps Regards Rick 773138660_EC0392DavisLove ricatic edit.plan
  2. ricatic

    Roof help

    Your drawing is representative of what is known as a 1.5 story house,,,often referred to as a Cape Cod...many videos available on this site and Youtube demonstrating the necessary techniques for producing the roof...Solver and David J Potter are two that readily come to mind...Chief Architect has their own videos as well...https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/10248/roofs-1-5-story-multiple-roof-pitches.html?playlist=139 Regards Rick
  3. I opened the defaults dbx, opened levels and level one and it showed a 12 5/8" first floor framing for default...opened the first floor and it shows 4" slab with defaults not checked... checked defaults and the framing instantly appeared...built second level and checked structure...12 5/8" floor framing...I believe this is what you desired...Hope this helps Regards Rick
  4. I rebuilt the roof and see why you didn't...the roof blows up...I undid the roof rebuild and manually adjusted the roof planes to create the asked for gable...I set the wall to "balloon Thru" per Steve Nestors tip and removed the sub fascia...looked good to me
  5. 165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan 165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan This has been a major PITA for me forever...I have spent days trying to get a deeper foundation wall with a monolithic slab...I stumbled into this solution though...I changed 3 walls of your foundation to illustrate my solution...I left the rest for you to play with...all I did was change your slab footing in the foundation dbx to the values you will see in my hack...good luck... I see that Eric has added a video showing the methodology to do this...Thanks Eric Regards Rick 165450275_AjnasGarage24x30Master2021-02-15a foundation rev.plan
  6. Steve Nestor just did a fantastic tutorial on exactly this subject over on Chief Talk...thread is titled Get Under There...currently at bottom of page 2...I see the demo also is posted in Chief Talk Tips and Techniques...maybe Steve could repost it here as well...
  7. Manual dimensions only in HD series...
  8. Open a cross section/elevation camera view...voila...an elevation appears that can be dimensioned...easily found by searching Help for "elevation"...as suggested by Eric... Regards Rick
  9. Due to layer restrictions in the HD software(no additional layers), you can only control the display via the display options dbx. I handle issues like this by pulling back the stairs to the bath wall. The partial stairs show as in your hand drafted example and the bath room displays as expected. Stair details are displayed in section drawings
  10. ricatic

    I must be dumb!

    I have been there...and I understand your frustrations...your construction expertise is causing them...you believe that you know how to build what you are designing and you will force this stupid program to bend to your methods...nope...you will lose every time...BTDT...David J Potter once posted that, and I paraphrase, "this program has been designed by some very smart people but they know little about real world construction practices and methods". This is golden info... Here is my advice...slow down...this is a very powerful but very sophisticated tool...it has no reasoning abilities and can't do anything without direction...these directions come from either default settings in the setup of the plan or in directives you place in the various choices given in the dialog box...learn as much as you can from every dialog box that pops up or you open...do not ignore the warning boxes...take the time to understand their content...it will get better... But with all that said, you will still be saying " now why the heck did it do that????" Good luck in your journey...don't give up because the program does what it should...when you give it proper direction ... Regards Rick
  11. Eric Thanks for the video...It was quite helpful...
  12. I have not been able to use a framing tool that will rotate around the axis as you show...evidently I have not discovered the secret...thanks...
  13. Eric I used the backsplash tool to reate a similar result but was unable to get it between posts like you show in your framing example...I could only move it to the face...not between...
  14. Thanks...I will use the backsplash workaround