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  1. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    Eric Thanks for the video...It was quite helpful...
  2. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    I have not been able to use a framing tool that will rotate around the axis as you show...evidently I have not discovered the secret...thanks...
  3. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    Eric I used the backsplash tool to reate a similar result but was unable to get it between posts like you show in your framing example...I could only move it to the face...not between...
  4. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    Thanks...I will use the backsplash workaround
  5. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    I have been unable to select the framing member and have it have a rotation handle on Z axis...it will rotate on x or y axis
  6. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    Thanks... DJP...I looked at that KB before I posted...I do not see any advice within regarding angled wall braces... Eric...I am aware of using a backsplash for a workaround but was hoping for a framing solution.. Is there a way to draw framing members at a "Z" axis angle?...or a way to rotate the framing in "Z" axis Regards Rick
  7. ricatic

    Pole barn blocking and framing

    i am building a demo model of a pole barn for a potential client. I need to provide diagonal x blocking between the first two poles adjacent to each corner from slab level at the corner and top of the poles. I show a kludged cad box filled orange and a CAD line showing the desired path in the cross section view. I have searched both the Help and Knowledge Base to no avail...Help would be much appreciated. As an aside, if I can close the deal, I will be upgrading to CA X12. I have been working on the project in the trial version and realize it is a better product. Regards Rick Demo Barn-Rod.plan
  8. ricatic

    What Laptop are you using to Run Home Designer? 2021

    Alienware M17....works great..see signature for specifics...
  9. ricatic

    Print issue Pro 2020

    Mario As this thread is 9 moths old I felt your post deserved an update of my experience...Firstly, I am more than satisfied with the printer...It took a bit of trial and error to get layouts to look like "I" wanted...if you purchase this printer, just hang in there while arranging your printing defaults... One other thing that changed the printing game is I upgraded to HD 2021 Pro when it became available...HD 2021 Pro added new print capabilities that I desired...and immediately put to use... Unknown to me, my brother bought the Brother laser version similar in features to the ink jet printer. He is also quite pleased with his choice... Regards
  10. ricatic


    I believe the word being discussed is "cache"...that will avoid some confusion...
  11. ricatic

    Stairs and design suggestions

    The only logical spot for the stairs is where you placed them...but they were on the first floor...I built them from the basement and was able to fit them in but they are a bit steep (they meet code in Michigan where rise max is 8.25" and run minimum is 9"). I do not know what Maine"s stair code allows... Adding enough width to the area at the stair bottom to accommodate 1 more step would make the stair legal in most places...an additional foot or so would allow for 11" treads and 7.5" rise... While the stair works, the stair well narrows the living room considerably...I did not spend any time making the stair case pretty...that's your job.. Hope this helps... Regards Rick 2bed_vaulted_v7.plan
  12. ricatic

    Removing Balcony and Bay window to regular roof

    first, welcome to the Chief Architect world...you have found the Home Designer web board forum...one may assume you actually have Home Designer Pro software not Chief Architect Premier...but which version?...and posting the ".plan" file is how you receive the best help... Regards
  13. ricatic

    Multiple intersecting roof planes

    It would be most helpful for you to add which HD product you are using...and also post the plan...just close the file in HD and attach to the reply... Regards Riick
  14. Use the display options tool to turn off roof planes...
  15. ricatic

    Figuring out object placement...

    You did not say which product you are using but you can use a CAD line drawn at the center lines...dimensions love to snap to CAD lines...