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  1. geirrosset

    Roof help

    Sorry about the typo. The extension on the left in the first drawing should not have a flat roof. It should have a gable wall facing out towards the left. The attached photo (Ext_L) shows that extension from the other side. Can't figure out how to set the pitch different to the main roof. It defaults to 45 and pitch is greyed out. As for the right extension. Both "north" and "south" walls are set to gable as you can see by the attached screen grabs. The wall facing right is set to hip wall. Still the roof looks like a hip roof.
  2. geirrosset

    Roof help

    Thank you all. I skipped the CA video, got it almost right using the second video link. Jo_Ann: The extension on the left should have a gable wall facing right with a lower pitch than the main roof so that the top of the roof comes in below the guttering of the main roof. Can't figure out where I set this angle. And no matter what I input for the hip wall on the right the roof stays the same. What have I not checked?
  3. geirrosset

    Roof help

    Having some trouble figuring out roof type. I would search for it, but being Norwegian I do not know the correct terms and as such it is hard to do a proper search. I have attached a drawing to illustrate. The solid lines is what I can easily draw in Home Designer Architectural 2021. The dotted lines are what I would like to create. The first floor has a roof height to finished ceiling of 2637mm, but that is just the centre of the floor. The outer hip walls are just 1000mm. And there is an attic above the 1st floor (using the English terminology with ground floor, 1st f
  4. Hello! Tried searching for this, but I might not have used the correct terms as I can't find what I am looking for. I have old drawings of our cottage in 1:100 scale with measurements drawn in. When importing the drawing as a jpg, how can I use the scale at the bottom to set the correct image size so that I can use it as reference for all my walls? Using HomeDesigner Architectural. Best regards from Oslo, Norway. Geir