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  1. Eric, I didn't like the "I don't think you can" answer, but at least it keeps me from going crazy!!! Your work around sound do-able. Thanks much!
  2. David, I tried this. But in the plan view, I am looking down on the object and I can only rotate around the z-axis. I want to rotate it around the y-axis. I have also tried to do a back-clipped cross-section so I can look at the ends of the object. However, in that view, I can't find any rotate handles to manually turn it. Am I missing the point? Thanks for your help.
  3. I am struggling with this. I'm trying to rotate the rafter block (shown above roof) so that it lays flat on roof. I can't find the rotate handle at the end of the member. How does one rotate it? Changing the angle in the dialog box spins the member around the z-axis.
  4. These X's are showing up in my plan today. What are they? They imply an error, but I don't know how to find them. How do I get rid of these X's?
  5. Thanks, Keith. I was over thinking and trying to add a layer to the floor.
  6. How do I show 4" of gravel/crushed stone under a 4" monolithic concrete slab? I am using Home Designer Pro 2020.
  7. Eric & Rick, Thank you very much! Wow, that was easy once I knew where to go.
  8. I am using Home Designer Pro 2020. Attached is the file. Ajna's Garage 24x30 Master 2021-02-15a.plan
  9. I am trying to model monolithic floor/foundation with depth of the footers (bottom of foundation) to be 30" deep. I have spent hours adjusting all the settings in Structure for the Garage "room" both on floor Level 1 and Level 0 and end up creating everything except what I need. Also when I do a cross section view, I cannot create a dimension to define the depth... it always looks to be about 12". Getting very frustrated. How do I do what should be a fairly simple thing? Thanks for any help.