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  1. Thanks Rick. I have gone through those steps and can get the “elevation”. Is there a way to automatically load the dimensions from wall, window, and roof pitch specifications or do I have to manually place those dimensions.
  2. Thanks Eric. Your responses haven’t been helpful. So are you willing to help with my question? Ask is pretty straight forward.. how to get dimensions on an elevation view.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I am using PRO 2021 and I will add that info to my profile settings. I miss-stated - it was not Perspective View it was the Orthographic view that I used to generate the Elevation. This is where I am stuck. How can the exterior dimensions get displayed on an elevation? I can manually place measurements but do not want to calculate the ground to ridge line distance. I am thinking that information should be brought over from the wall height and pitch.
  4. I am trying to generate a north,south, east, west elevations that include measurement (e.g ground to peak). I have been able to generate a perspective view but the measurement functions are disabled (grayed out). I have looked in the user manual and could not find any how to information, Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.