Can you "freeze" walls in place to avoid accidental movement


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The heading says it all.  Is there a way to freeze or lock walls  in place so that as I am working  electric, plumbing, furniture, etc. details if I accidentally select it I cannot inadvertently move it? 



HD Arch. 15, Win 8.1

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I understand what your concern is and I often see this asked for by Chief Premier users. You can "lock" layers in Pro and Chief Premier which means they, while locked cannot be selected at all what so ever until unlocked. I have been using Chief since 1994 and I have never locked wall layers very often, except in VERY specialized instances. Commonly the need for locking walls in place is unnecessary once you get used to how things work. The more comfortable you are and knowledgeable you are with the software the more relaxed you become about your ability to control and work with objects.

Study and practice will iron out an remaining wrinkles you might have relative to your own confidence and competence.



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you may find zooming in more often ( mouse wheel is good for this) helps with selecting stuff  ,also if you click the wrong thing ,try the TAB key to select the next closet object instead ( or the next icon on the edit toolbar)



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All the above answers are great.. But in the mean time save as (name of Plan) dot electrical. Then do a save as for the plumbing. Use the text tool and put at the top of the plan

"Electrical lay out Do not refer to this plan for structural detail. Refer to master plan." 


 Then,Turn all room and wall dimension off. You can type in the dimension that are needed.


Never ever use your Master Plan for

footing details.

Electrical detail

Plumbing details

Air Conditioning or vacuum cleaning outlets.


Good luck you will get better at this. You will have good days and bad. 

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