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  1. RobynKS's post in Curved Deck Panel was marked as the answer   
    It does let us create a curved panel, wee ha!
    I just worked it out I have sent you a clip.
    You click on the curved deck with the rail after you have drawn it with the tool I showed you before.
    Click on open
    You select rail
    Select panel
    select material
    select rail select library materials and choose what you want and wella.
    I hope this helped you it was a great question and it helped me. 
    I hope I have listed the steps right but I think you'll work it out now.
    If not just keep asking questions .
    Someone who knows the program well will help you.
    Go to David Potters Youtube site and watch his videos I do several times a week.

    Good luck.
  2. RobynKS's post in HD Pro 15 How can I refreash program was marked as the answer   
    David you are a real gem. MANY THANKS. But I am blonde how do you reboot a program? Do you close down programs n computer? Or just the program.? Or gosh there is a storm coming must run we are at the beach it has been 40 degs here.
  3. RobynKS's post in an "X" I cannot Fix HD Pro was marked as the answer   
    Wow David thankyou it was a temporary point and is now fixed thanks to your very clear answer. I guess me being able to upload photos  helps when people see my questions they can see the photo. Just bought a new computer. Learning my way around it has been a bit of a chore but it works well.
    many Many Thanks Robyn x